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Brothels And Incalls

May 27th, 2007 admin No comments

So what does constitute a brothel? Interesting topic is this one and it’s challenging in its perceptions of what is a brothel and what is not.

I am often asked if the client calling to see one of our girls can go and see one of our team as an incall. They are often quite bemused when I say “I am sorry, but I don’t believe in girls just sitting in an apartment waiting for their next appointment. I don’t like to ever see them as conveyor belts”. More often than not the phone does go down pretty quickly but if I have ever got anyone to re-think their visits to so-called “up market escorts” who reside in “their apartments” (not usually their apartments actually except for one organisation in Manchester that provides the apartments only if the girls accept that they have to be escorts whilst they live there) then I would be happy!

Oops, looks like Sue is on another hobby horse so what brought this subject up today then? Well, I have and know a lot of people and I am truly to lucky to maintain business and personal relationships with so many people who have met me privately and personally. It was one such person I was with during this evening that had me thinking that so many agencies who provide incall apartments for their girls are really sailing very close to the wind legally.

Agencies that advertise more than 2 girls in the same apartment … that’s close to being termed as a brothel .. we all know that the girls just see client after client and then another girl arrives to take over for the afternoon and there is sometimes even a third girl for the evening session. It is a great way to earn loads of money … just ask the girls … ask the agency owners who take upwards of 20% of the girls’ earnings how much an incall apartment earns … mmmm … truthful answers on an e-mail!

As for the legal point, well the conversation tonight showed that the authorities know where to target … agency owners need to be very careful when providing these apartments as they could be being scrutinised more than they realise and let’s be honest, can’t the girls earn loads anyway without them having to see client after client, hour after hour in what is close to being called “brothels” – incall apartments set up just for the girls to use to escort in … something is smelling fishy and its not the fish pie as the incall apartments are rarely used to cook in!

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