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Elite : A Definition

June 30th, 2007 admin No comments

A group or class of persons enjoying superior intellectual or social or economic status.

Why you may ask did I see fit to bring this up today. Well for those of you who have fun watching my space, I came across yet another Manchester agency bringing in an “elite” site. These girls who apparently meet the criteria above (surely they do?) are of course not listed on the less elite site aren’t they? Are they heck – they are listed on both. This is just another agency’s way of charging the girls out to you at a higher cost. Why can agencies not be like normal businesses, all costs for “goods” go up in some way at times, why not be “normal” and do this properly by simply letting customers know that that is what has happened?

Instead a new site, alongside the existing agency one appears with higher prices – £20 extra from what I can see – now let me see, thats almost a 12% increase on usual rates. Not sure that that is not just a bit above the rate of inflation?

I guess to some of you I may seem irritated about the above … perhaps irritation is not quite the right word? I know that when I see agencies trying to get more more money in this way I do feel really cross that they cannot be more business like. Applying the “elite” term to an escort means exactly what? Answers on an e-mail and for those of you who may want to see your writings here .. just ask ..

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