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A big word I know but goodness me, how little of it I have experienced in the last couple of days in this area and hence the reason I am going to bring this up in relation to our world.

There have been 3 distinct areas of professionalism that I believe are worthy of airing for now. One from a client’s lack of it. One from an escort’s lack of it and one from an agency’s lack of it so bear with me whilst I put these areas into your thoughts.

Being an agency owner, it’s my responsibility to advertise my girls, market them via phone calls and ultimately secure an introduction to a client for them. For that, I work on a commission basis with the girls. It’s a known way of working and it usually works incredibly well. Many agencies I know suffer from girls running off the with the money but so far, that has only happened once right at the beginning when I trusted a girl to join our team who preferred this way of life to earn a living from rather than a more traditional career and to do this part-time which I now insist my team do. I can only say with hindsight I should never, ever have given that person a chance to better herself!

My irritation with a lack of professionalism today comes from a now missing member of my team. Her promises to pay her introduction fee have simply been lie, after lie, after lie. Her chance to be part of a professional team came to an end today. I cannot work with girls who say one thing to you but who do not keep to their word and although I know she wants more chances, I know that at the moment, she is still a bit too young to keep to them … she will learn as we all do by life giving her more chances and she will either fail them all or she will eventually learn that you keep to your word – especially in my team!

The other lack of professionalism came from a client today. I know that this does happen as having been a working girl myself the volume of clients that suggested I see them without the agency knowing about it so that they could hopefully get a lesser rate is quite extensive. I have always trusted my girls to let me know of any areas of concern. Last night one my team went out to an existing client. Not only did he take a picture of her (she is still new to escorting so was definitely taken advantage of) but he kept asking her to let him see her without me. The client had a wonderful telephone call from me today, his manner of treating her this way was wholly unacceptable. Yes I fully accept that if you don’t ask you don’t know and there are certainly lots of tryers in this way out there, however, I have his reassurance and his apology and thats all I need to ensure that he is safe and, more importantly, so are my team! The reason they work with me is safety and safety is paramount in this world and clients need to see that too as they are also then protected from a girl simply arriving getting paid and running away – it is certainly something that is known to happen – not in my team!

Finally, I know full well that there are a myriad of agencies introducing thousands upon thousands of girls to clients and I know also know full well that there will always be the bad apples. Unfortunately, in our world I am well aware that we have a lot more share of our bad apples as so many people see this industry as one where the usage of women can make them enormous volumes of money.

It was with sorrow and a heavy heart today that I heard of one of the agencies that I felt I had respect for but information came to me by an unexpected route that showed me yet again another agency owner who is simply in this world for the money they can earn, not because they care about the people who work for them and the clients who see their girls. I wish I could name and shame however its not my right to do that but I know who they are and my ears stay on the ground.

Girls, if you find that your agency treats you disrespectfully then know that you can move to another one that will treat you better and you should know that you should never ever put up with work being withheld from you if you do not go out at short notice and long distances and although you may think that all agencies are the same, I can promise you, we are not.

Oh yes, one final point, how many more so-called professional photographers am I going to hear about that indicate to the girls whilst they are having their pictures done that the photographer should “have a share of the girl’s body”?

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