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A Dedication

To whom? The fantastically special guys that have met me since early 2005, thats who! I wish I could list you all to be honest but confidentiality is paramount in my world but it is so important to me to say thank you to you at this particular moment as well as giving you an apology.

Many of you know that I came into escorting by accident in February 2005. At that time I was actually in the swinging world and I absolutely loved my burgeoning sexuality. An unexpected event catapulted me into the world of escorting in February 2005 and from the minute I stepped into this world, I know I made a big difference and that it was a place where I wanted to continue to make a difference. So many people see this world as seedy and underground, never to be spoken of and I do so understand why, in many ways, it has to be that way but for me, I don’t hide as many of you know.

My attitude is different to so many working girls … I care about people (and please girls don’t raise up in arms as this is not an attack on anyone at all I just happen to have listened to so many clients tell me just how enormously different I really am in the way I give of myself). Its not just about sex with me. Its more an ability to make people feel happier about themselves and its so important to me to ensure that no-one, including me, ever feels unhappy by being a part of my world. In a nutshell, when I have met anyone, they have gone away with a special part of me inside them and I am eternally grateful to each and every one of you that has also given a part of yourself to me too.

I know that many of you who know me keep asking why I cannot see you any longer. Guys, as much as I love my time out, at this point in my life, I am totally shattered. I have to be selfish for me and I hope that by being so whilst I cope with a house move and a shift in expanding my business then it will give me the opportunity to recover from having been so ill recently (and still am) and get this year out of the way. If the New Year comes and I find that my life has settled back down then I do so hope to be back as I love my time out with each of you too but for now, this is my very public way to say THANK YOU you wonderful guys for making me feel so special and just bear with me whilst I get the next few months out of the way.

Loads of kisses to each of you in the special way you know I give and if that does not bring a much remembered smile to your face then you will never have met me because once you have known me, I wonder how many of you would say … with Sue, absolutely never ever forgotten …..

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