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Disabled And Dishonest Clients

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Two problems with bookings in two days … I am definitely feel down about this. Clients with disabilities can go one of two ways and whilst this particular client had seen two girls of our team before and both of the girls were slightly negative about his attitude towards them as people, the third girl he saw though I had warned that his last two bookings the girls had been negative about his behaviour and when it started on her, she stood up to his arrogance and walked out. Not nice on him or on her so hard conversation to discuss with the client about how to behave with people.

I know its not up to me to guide anyone about how they behave and are with others but you know, disabled people often get a really raw deal from the general public. They can be seen as simple or just ignored by many simply because they don’t “look” the same as so-called normal people. However, this client seemed to feel that it was right to treat people arrogantly in his way with them. Tenderness … what’s that? Caring … nothing came out. Understanding … we definitely tried to but even me with my winning ways (!) struggled to find it in my heart to be totally sympathetic to his needs. Three of my girls all who would not know each other, all said the same … its not them … the client obviously hurts with life and those hurts are showing in his attitude to women which is such a shame as just that small amount of caring of people from him would give him so much more happiness :-(

Unfortunately this morning my instincts for bad clients also let me down. A booking in for Birmingham … its only 1.25 hours for one of the girls so its a reasonable distance. The client gave a decidedly english name and there was no real accent. He sounded decent and all his dealings with me (except for his address) felt comfortable.

My girl arrived. The neighbourhood was decidely ethnic, many of the properties were run down. The girl did not get out of the car at the house, she dared not … people were in a car outside the property, people were coming in and out of the door where she was supposed to be going and the property itself looked unlived in. No matter that I can check an address exists, I can check through Google Earth as to what kind of property it may look like but we cannot know what the client is like until we arrive with him.

To allow for better safety, I asked the client to come to the door before she got out of the car so that at least we could see it was a genuine person in that house. He would not, he first of all said he was in the shower and therefore would put a towel round him and do that and then when that did not happen, I rang again and asked him what the delay was. He said he was too well known – made sense but being honest both the girl and I were already decidedly in discomfort about this booking.

It was simply not safe for her to get out of the car … men were sat in the car just outside the house she was supposed to be going in to and men had come out of the house just as she had arrived. She was, to be honest, in danger. A client not prepared to come out of the house or at least put his head through the door or wave from a window is dangerous. She left the booking having never got out of the car and he said on the phone that I had treated him like a child and he also cancelled.

The girl had travelled that distance on my request and her approval to do so so we cannot kick ourselves any more than we have done but what is clear is that home addresses are still a vulnerable area for our girls … not easy for this to be sorted either. I either put a total bar on home bookings or else cash must be made via CHAPS before the girl leaves to get to the client. Either way, this has been a horrible evening and morning.

I hate feeling that clients let us down as its usually in this world that escorts let clients down but it does go both ways and when I say a client has to make our grade, then I just made my point last night and this morning. Gosh do I feel grumpy but its only grumpy at myself and also because one of my girls had such a long drive :-(

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