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Dirty Tactics

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Coming home in the car this evening from seeing a potential new girl, I could be forgiven, I hope, for anyone passing my car and seeing me gesturing and talking (with my hands on the wheel I promise) thinking I was mad. I was having such a wonderful conversation with me … just me! I wish I could put the exact word on the reason for my discussion with myself but I can’t which is why I have come home and put fingers to keys in an attempt to get my thoughts in some sense. To make sense (to me) I need to start at something that happened some time back for me.

As some of you know, I became involved with Youth Work back in 2004 and I trained as a Youth Worker and also became a mentoring trainer for adults wishing to work with young people in schools and by the way, young people in the Youth Service means anyone usually from 11 up to 25 years old.

Whilst dealing with the subject of child abuse, I became aware of the overriding belief that if a person ever complains of abuse in any way, we sit up, we take notice and, most importantly, we believe and then we act in accordance with our rules and procedures.

My reason for bringing that up is what has caused me concern now. Over the last two years since I set up Angels, I have learnt my lessons on who will fit the team and who will not, I have learnt that the more professional a person approaches escorting then they fit in far better to my principles of business but what I have also learnt is to listen to all those girls who, whilst they do not fit the team, often have heart rending stories of abuse and usage. They often do not have the intelligence or standard of living to know that what people can ask them to do is wrong and it does cause me so much concern when I hear yet again of people running businesses so unprofessionally that the girls themselves are at risk from the people who run the business let alone the people who they send them or put them in front of clients out to without caring who they see or what happens.

Because I have cared, I have often written down my feelings of disbelief at the unprofessionalism many individuals in this world seem to have. It has given me a nasty voicemail here and there and e-mails telling me to listen to their side of the story although why there should need to be another side of anyone’s story to hear is beyond me … if people are treated decently then they don’t complain.

What is clear though is that the message is obviously getting out there that Angels is run differently and that I am not one of the normal agencies. It is obvious to any client who rings me just how different we are but how do I know that the message about Angels being different is out there? Because earlier this evening I had a great conversation with a person who had been ringing round agencies to find a non-sexual escort to go to a function with him. I was with the potential new girl and her husband (yes her husband) at the time this call came in and the couple were just as astounded as I was to know that one agency in the Manchester region had told this really nice guy that the only agency to avoid was Angels4You. It appeared that we were to be avoided at all costs if he wanted a non-sexual escort to take to a function but the person I was talking to indicated that he had been told we were not an agency to deal with in any way at all.

So far, I have always avoided naming agencies … everyone is innocent unless proven guilty but what really surprised me was why anyone would think that Angels4You should be a threat to them. We are a small, really select with girls and clients agency. We don’t go for the tawdry, cheap, last minute work. We don’t take on anyone who needs the money, or uses escorting as a way of earning normal everyday needs such as mortgage and bills etc, and I certainly don’t suffer fools gladly as I am certain most people who know me quickly find out but this evening, I will admit to being really surprised that this agency has gone out of its way to name us to this person.

The client rang us because he was actually surprised at an agency naming another agency because they should avoid us. Its nice to know he was as open with me as I was with him about what his needs were and how they could be properly met.

I really do find it horrible to believe that anyone could yet again be so underhand and I think that this is why I like to put my thoughts in the public eye. If no-one is prepared to stand up and quote bad practice then who can stop the ever increasing seediness in our world. This world is certainly one where money can be earnt and earnt in very large quantities but what is so horrifically lacking is people who care about others … they care about bloody money not about the people who work for them.

I was told this evening that this agency I should not cross … why? Interesting answer … the discussion that ensued certainly opened up my eyes and treading on big agency toes is apparently going to make me a big target for, lets say, the more tawdry business owners out there who want to “shut me up”. This is just getting totally out of hand to me. My diary is a way for me to know that when I find something hard to understand, I write about it. People don’t have to read and of course, I don’t have to write it publically, however, I also know that many people learn from others the same as I do and reading is a way of learning.

My way of imparting my shock is to write but it certainly appears that the agencies out there who are after the traditional work of sending women out to bookings as many times as possible do not like the fact that I state clearly to clients when they are astounded that we don’t have anyone to send just because they need to see someone at that second that I don’t have short-notice girls who need the money badly enough to go out just like that. We prepare for our time hopefully the way I expect others to prepare for theirs. Traditionally, all agencies do is get the work for women who need the money, we are after all businesses and supply and demand is there.

The main reason I run Angels the way I do though is because I came into this world for fun not because I had to or that I wanted to earn vast money. I appreciate myself for what I can give during my time with people and I know I am respected for sitting on my principles however …………….. so many people keep telling me I should be wary of what I say as I could be hurt in many ways for being open especially by other agencies who do not like the fact that I often put my musings here about bad practice!

What a day! I was really glad though that the conversation with this person had been clear enough for the two people with me to hear it – they were just as surprised as I was but they (and the client I was talking to) were also clearly pleased to find that my honesty in answering the questions and requirements of this client’s needs was totally right … within the law!

Has it helped ease my mind about today by writing things down? Yes in some senses it has but what I now know is that I will revist my FAQs page. I think I am going to turn this into the Principles of the Angels4You Team. More to come on this one no doubt but for now, I need my energy restoring so lets go break my fast (not had anything since breakfast and its nearly 8pm and I have been running around like a nit again) and get some energy back inside me! Food here I come,

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