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Becoming An Escort

February 27th, 2008 admin No comments

A couple of things in a couple of days and I need to put my head in order on them so Sue puts fingers to keys again. Been very tired in the last 2 days. Had a long journey to make yesterday and then training to be done when I got there and then a long journey back. Today there has been an interview with a new girl and so far I have been on the phone now since 5pm (its now 9pm!) and tomorrow I have to get down to Birmingham for 11am for a meeting there. Its a busy life at the moment but the industry has certainly gone quieter. I can always tell when its quiet in our industry as I get so many calls from girls asking to join the team and their reasons for coming to me? Easy … “Have you got any jobs at the moment? I need some money and where I work is not giving me any work yet they promised me lots” I wish I had a penny for everyone who has said this too – I would make a fortune!

But what has been on my mind is 2 specific issues. Loyalty and people who are truthful is one issue. If any of you have seen the programme recently called Goldenballs at 5pm on ITV1 weekdays you will perhaps join with me in the shock of how deceitful people can be. It seems to me that its fine to lie on national TV and say one thing and yet do exactly the opposite of what they promised to do yet they call it “playing the game”. I guess thats why the rankings for this programme have come up so quickly. It’s people’s shock when the person on the TV states to another person that of course they will do that course of action and then in front of the nation they show that they lied. I cannot understand anyone not being honest but of course, I do know I am just one who trys to be honest about her life. There are lots of us about I promise!

Back in the beginning of my agency, I made some mistakes about girls but I always believed what they told me. Its funny how wrong you can be about people. When the solicitor and I meet tomorrow I think that this is one of the subjects I need to cover with him. The spoken word obviously is not to be trusted eh? Perhaps the written word can take care of the issues on this front. We shall see.

My other problem in the last couple of days has been the result of 2 conversations. I receive usually around 5-7 applications a week from girls wishing to become escorts. You all know my hobby horse subject of the fact that the word escort should not be synoymous with the word prostitute. The problem is though that many women believe that all the money that they see us charged out at is really just for being taken to dinners, theatres, parties and just talked to and we can listen to them and to be frank with you, it may well be that but too many men do believe they are actually paying for sex and this is where this industry has its issues because the law says controlling prostitution is illegal.

Adhering to the letter of the law means that noone should be “selling sex” and that is the core reason why any sensible agency always uses the words time and companionship. The thing is, for me, this is correct. It IS time and companionship sold but once that time has been paid for I know that being an escort myself exactly what happens FOR ME behind closed doors. It was always my choice to do with my time what I choose to do as all of us who are in this world but the girls who think that it is as simple as a meal and a chat do need to do some growing up I think. I often direct girls through to one of the really what I can only call “lower end of the market” sites to have a look at just how many girls who call themselves escorts advertise themselves independently. If a girl knows what could be expected of her, she will know how to handle herself a lot better than someone who simply believes that she is with a man to offer her body.

My writing in this way is not meant to decry, deride or pull down how other sites enable girls to portray themselves as its a really successful venture for whoever puts sites like adultwork in place but oh my god, the girls who advertise clearly as prostitutes who term it escorting – its beyond belief for me. I feel like a total innocent in the way I am. The girls who advertise through the site certainly feed the male need for reading about clear descriptions of what the girl offers for the guy prepared to pay. Its often in crude terms, appallingly written and conjoined with crude pictures – it feeds a very definite need in a lot of ways I know that but what is worrying is that men who do meet escorts and base their judgements around what these girls describe will tend to put us all in one pot and think that everyone is going to be something similar just because we are termed escorts.

A prude I sound like I know but if its a way to get these girls who think they want to be escorts to wake up and smell the coffee a bit more about this world then its a good education – rough and ready but it works and if I can persuade anyone to not come into this world then I will do so. I love my escorting, that has always been my message but I came into this with a different attitude away from monetary needs and demands. I knew I chose to say yes and no but many think its more simple and its not. You need to be able to know what may be expected of you, you need to know how to say no if its beyond your choices and you need to be grown up enough to know that you don’t get paid owt for nowt as the old saying goes.

The girls go away from the conversations with me hopefully with more information to enable them to make a more informed decision but I take no pleasure in having to be the one that is finally able to point them in the right direction for the information they need. A lot to learn? Oh yes – definitely!

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