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Clients Beneath Contempt

April 27th, 2008 admin No comments

I have hung fire for a couple of months on posting this entry. I did not want the client to think that he did what he did just so that he could be seen in print here on my diary. He has had enough time now to reflect on his actions I think and I still believe that this subject needs an airing as his behaviour was totally appalling and I am thoroughly disgusted still with what happened.

A client of ours who had seen one of our team on an overnight last year had initially contacted me saying he was shy. As my Mr X said to me recently, if I think a client needs “nannying” then I definitely know where to send them to Sue and this particular client I did the same as I often did and tucked him under my wing to try and build up his self respect and feelings of being able to simply be himself and see one of our team if that is what he wanted.

The client even sent me a picture with a caption of “I am no Brad Pitt”. Yes he was factually correct, he was definitely not a Brad Pitt but everyone has redeeming qualities somewhere and I refuse to treat people as though they are dirt so I did the same as I always try to do and bent over backwards to help him feel great for himself.

He spent an overnight at his home with one of our team and she reported back that he really was low in self-esteem but he was a genuine guy. Positive feedback as far as I am concerned so when he called in March for a booking with another of our team I had no hesitations in sorting one out for him. Stupid me!

This client rang in the afternoon for a booking for that evening – ample notice for us – an existing client. Nothing alerted me to any issues. The client was happy to know he had a confirmed appointment for the evening and went on to text for the next couple of hours about his shopping trip in town and how excited he was about the evening. I have this a lot and was happy to continue to communicate whilst he wanted to.

The booking was for 8pm and the person seeing him had a 45 minute journey to the client’s own home in Rawtenstall (and yes I have named the location) where the booking was.

At 7.45pm (yes 15 minutes before the booking time) I had a text. “Sorry, I will cancel”. What! This cannot be correct surely? I ring the client, no answer, I text him and get a message back “Sorry Sue I am scared of what you will say”. Is this a child I am dealing with? The client will not answer.

If there is something I really get angry about and this is people who mess my team about not just me and the girl he was seeing was less than 10 minutes away from his house. I had to call her and let her know that it had cancelled. She was as surprised as I was about this but she turned back and went off home.

I didn’t find this amusing at all. I was literally fuming. He continued to refuse to answer his phones … so I got in the car and drove up to his house. Surprise, his car was on the drive, the lights were on and the blinds were drawn. I knocked on the door. Its a lovely area he lives in, nice semi-detached and well kept houses and bungalows all in a beautiful residential estate. The door knocker is very loud. His blinds on the window twitched and it was an obvious shape behind them.

Surprise … no answer to the door. I continued to knock without resting – there was no way I was prepared to accept anyone behaving this way. When he still did not answer the door, I bent down to the letterbox to open it to say very clearly that I would be grateful if he could please either let me in or if he could call the police so that I could ask them for assistance with having a word with him. I also said clearly that it was interesting to note how many neighbours had heard the knocking and were now watching me knocking at his door.

I am not into humiliating anyone but neither am I into being messed about. Honesty and directness is my world and where people fall below that standard then they should expect everything they deserve and he fell well short of decent behaviour. If he had been prepared to answer the phone and talk to me as an adult I would not have been stood on his doorstep.

He actually answered the door. In heels, I am 6ft tall and he must have been all of 5ft 4ish … I towered over him but on seeing him I held out my hand and introduced myself as Sue from Angels4You and could I come in. He allowed me entry and at this point I asked him to sit down and asked him why on earth he cancelled a booking with 15 minutes notice.

It was clear no other person was there. Would you believe it, he turned round and said to me that the cash machine would not allow him any money.

He had left it to 15 minutes before a girl was due to arrive to tell me this. He had been shopping in town all day, he had spent money on items he told me about on text and had the balls to say he did not have any money with 15 minutes before the girl was due to arrive. Forgive my expression here but what he said was definitely bull shit. He would not have left it to 15 minutes before seeing anyone to have not already organised money. He was fine last time.

I had a feeling that he had read my diary sometime back where I had detailed a client doing this once before and you know, I just had the impression that he wanted to do the same. I have a good instinct with peoples’ body language and his was one of total discomfort and yes its not easy when you have a very angry agency owner in front of you.

I called the girl he had messed about whilst I was with this client and requested that he speak to her with his apologies for having truly messed her about. She was really shocked that I had done this as much as the client was obviously surprised that he had not got away with messing us about.

What a totally stupid little man. Professional business people with class don’t need to act this way and I was, and still am, astounded by his behaviour that night. I won’t publish the last digits of his number but if you have a booking for anyone in Rawtenstall at a C**** C****, BB4 8N* then please be aware that he likes to book but cancel at short notice … and you my sweet, if you are reading this are now there for everyone else to see.

I do not like feeling vindictive but you know, I am still totally frustrated by the volume of truly ridiculous arseholes out there that think like this character did. Not with this team you won’t and if I slip up again, heaven help the person if I turn up in front of you. I don’t like people who mess us about! Fighting talk? Not at all – I am simply saying please behave as professional people and so will I.

I got asked recently if I needed someone to help me with “difficult clients” … you be the judge of that. I don’t think that guy ever thought I would actually turn up in person. Good thing I always have my back up though!