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Rose Coloured Spectacles

May 29th, 2008 admin No comments

Am I really wearing these I wonder? Whilst doing some web research late this afternoon I came across an article written by a guy who apparently went to a meet with a London “high class” escort to find out more about this side of life. His aim was to see what “high class” meant and how did the industry work.

I read it (if you click here it will take you to the article for those of you who want to read it). I don’t like it. Its that blunt … this person has booked an escort to find out what it is about. He took no real part in asking the agency who he really wanted to spend time with (perhaps he did not know?). The agency did not talk to him about his preferred type of companion instead doing what all too often happens in that the first girl that springs to mind and that is available that evening at that time was obviously suggested.

Whilst I don’t want to sound off I am going to because this type of article lends itself to others thinking that the industry is always like that. It absolutely is not BUT and this is a big BUT … its about 99% of it unfortunately. I know too well by now just how much my attitude towards escorting and a way of running an agency is a rarity. This is not seen by the vast majority of the population as either a caring or a professional business – pity they have not come across me then yet eh?

One of the girls from my team who left a while back rang me earlier this evening and wanted to know if I had heard of any agency in London who was like Angels4You. I hadn’t. There is an art form in who I look for and there is a major reputation for me at stake if I get it wrong but reading this article, this man was obviously not caring enough to have researched his ideal companion and instead just went to a normal everyday agency and then judged the industry on his one time experience with that agency and that date.

Surprise, he was sent a young woman. Surprise, she has all the trappings of a so-called “high class” escort (you know the designer bags, shoes, lingerie, perfume etc), surprise she talked about herself and she was even unbelievably crass in detailing how many clients she saw and how frequently. Excuse the language here but bloody hell … what is it with people not able to see how to behave with a dinner companion or, come to that, an everyday person.

This escort intimated that every date always had sex and that really she was just a … she apparently hesitated and did not actually mouth the word prostitute.

No matter how many times it has hurt me when people have tried to call me a prostitute, I still put the question back to them … exactly when did I specifically sell sex because to be a prostitute you have to sell your body for money. Is that not known or is this where my rose coloured glasses come into it? Well if you listened to some people in this world then I am definitely in the wrong and an agency is there to sell girls and of course they are going to have to have sex.

To sell sex you have to advertise a service, speak about it on the telephone with a potential client and then be paid after your services have been fulfilled. This young girl certainly believed she was a prostitute … education is sadly missing.

Be that as it may, this article is about 5 years old now and I know I should not let something like that get me riled but but you know something, escorting to me will never be prostitution and if a woman chooses to be paid for her time with a guy who would like some company at his convenience then let us go ahead and do that and having learnt so much in the last 3 years I know that I can hold my head really high about what I do – I am not, and never will be, a prostitute. My absolute faith in this comes from my direct experiences with my clients, not from a journalist sitting down to a dinner date with a girl recommended in a brief conversation with an agency owner.

Well the world of outright prostitution is here to stay, its been here since the dawn of time and it will still remain when I am gone but whilst I am here I will do what I can to draw down this image of an escort simply being a high class prostitute.

Have I ranted enough today – yes – but as I said above … Have I got rose coloured spectacles on? Yes in some senses I think I have – I am on a serious uphill struggle to try and change perceptions into something more special than the vast majority of this population believe it to be but you see, I do, however, I believe this world can be a professional one … its just a shame that I am in a minority in believing that.

To many, as I well know from the time I took my car in for a problem to be sorted yesterday, the guys there all know what I do and keep teasing me about why my car is not being upgraded to something flash … after all … as they say … you are in the big money industry. Oh well, I guess I will just have to leave their rose coloured glasses on as mine got left behind in the not flashy car!

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