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As a friend told me after dinner last night, your diary has been quite quiet recently Sue … its mainly because I am working a lot more in the “normal” world at the moment and my tiredness levels can be quite immense, more so when I get home from a usual work day and still have organisation for time out in an evening for any of the girls. It has a knock on effect when I am in bed so late and up early the following morning and I sometimes have little chance to catch my breath unfortunately.

I have been able to get some finance client work done this weekend and I now need to get some work done on the site (having full access to design and put things however I want to is pure bliss instead of being beholden to a web provider or web designer or being restricted to what I am allowed to adjust with content management systems) but the reason I put fingers to keys this afternoon is because I have had chance to catch my breath and finally put something in writing that rather amused me a couple of nights back.

I admit it, I am far too open, far too honest and yes, according to my son (and probably others who are too scared of me to say anything) far too assertive. My honesty in my diary led a person to ring me a few days ago. This person was trying to sell me an SEO package. He said that he had been reading my diary about how much the work had slipped away since this credit crunch had started to impact and that perhaps I needed my SEO sorting out.

Very nicely asking him exactly which keywords he felt I was not succeeding on … he had no idea. From his explanation it was not exactly him that would be doing this. Was it a friend … heaven only knows. All I could tell from the conversation was that he was trying to sell me something that he had not researched fully at all. It had me thinking though does my diary make me out to be thick because I am honest and open about this world and I seem to be unable to lie about what escorting is actually all about? Heaven only knows! Its good to know though that so many people read it – yeah!

Stupid man though! Of course, maybe I am being too obtuse here and its actually a wind up but how should I know. All I do know is what our main key words are to target and that was something he obviously did not understand.

In some senses though, perhaps I should not be so open about how difficult life is in this recession for Angels itself. But for me to not be honest and truthful? Not sure I know how to be any other way except myself so its unlikely I can change so I guess I stay the same. People will still love me no matter how I am and yes, some people will no doubt think because of my openness, caring and honesty that it means I am a mug and a fool. Yep – they are probably right but me change being me. Nah …. I don’t think I want to change and if some nut case thinks that reading my diary means that they can do things better then if they ring again they had better be prepared to answer my questions because if I know more than they do, god help my normally nice nature turning into a grumpy one.

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