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Perceptions Of Escorting

July 28th, 2008 admin 1 comment

I have only just had chance to get these two conversations from Saturday down in writing.  They were so much the same yet from two totally opposite people and it’s been in my head for two days now to try and write to get my head clear.

Moving house in late October last year into an apartment was stressful yet the apartments I am in are wonderfully secure and comforting and the people within them, some I already knew and others have become acquaintances.  People are always curious when I say that one of my jobs is running an escort agency and yes, people do judge me on that comment until their curiosity gets the better of them and they sit and have a chat about it.

Usually in these discussions the person I am talking to comes away with a much more informed view point and more able to understand and comprehend why Angels is the way it is, however, the last discussions with a person from the apartment complex and then, would you warrant it, a potential new girl shortly after that discussion gave me a decided headache … for once I don’t think I had got either of these two people understanding my ways forward.

Discussion 1 : the lady who lives in our apartment complex … in her 60s, retired and has been curious about Angels ever since she knew about us.  Her discussion centered on the fact that if I did not sell sex then the booking was all about companionship which is correct but she then said but if that’s correct why do not I not specifically state on my site that we are a non-sexual agency.  I tried my hardest to explain that every agency is a non-sexual agency but she was having none of it!  Her impression was that if I didn’t state that we are non-sexual then because of that then I did sell sex. 

Gosh what a difficult conversation.  Even when I tried to explain that if anything did take place after our time was paid for then it was between two consenting adults this wonderful woman asked then why did the girls not offer their number after their paid time and then see the person purely for sex after the paid companionship had ended.  I am still trying to assimilate her discussion into something I can understand let alone what she was trying to understand.  All I could go away from the discussion with was the impression that she decidedly felt that we sold ourselves for sex even though payment is never made after our time has ended its always before our time commences.  She could not understand that women could want to go out with a guy not of their specific choosing for time out without making it into a relationship.  Think I am on a lost cause here.  The words generation gap might be relevant perhaps although there is only 15 years between her and me.

Discussion 2 : a girl who rang the agency wishing to join us.  I had my hesitations when I could hear a roughness and a feeling of age in her voice along with the information that she had been in escorting on and off for 15 years with various agencies.  There is a certain kind of person I look for in the team but when I tried to talk through this with this person that the girls in the team did not come from the need to escort for money and that they simply enjoyed time out every now and again the girl asked me to clarify.

I tried to get her to see that time out as an escort was not a guaranteed sexual activity.  She was, to put it bluntly, gob smacked.  She said clearly to me that no woman would come into escorting for anything other than the money as why else would we be in this world …. She did not want to understand that we could have a choice and she said that her body was the only thing she could sell anyway. 

Two discussions both around similar subjects and both people, younger and older, having the assumption that an escort is a prostitute.  I don’t think I could do anymore for those two people other than leave their mindset as they have it.

Blinkers we all have on various subjects in our lives and for these two people, even with information to the contrary, they had both made up their minds on what they wanted to see and feel and whilst everyone can take a horse to water, we all know we cannot make it drink … that’s how I feel now I guess.  I did my best but everyone has to be true to their own feelings and whilst I can give information I cannot force anyone to have my passion for it so … guess what I am saying today is …. You can’t win them all over Sue!

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