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Social Escorting?

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Its been a funny week so far this week … I never seem to have settled to one specific job so I was really pleased when I got a text out of the blue from one of our wonderful clients to say that he was working in the locality today and would be passing by me about 8ish this evening and did I fancy a drink at my local.

Course I did … I don’t go out much! Keep myself hidden away too often I think so it was with great delight that I got out for a chat and a drink earlier this evening. Thank you sweetheart … I enjoyed the chat and the catch up … its really appreciated that you spared time out of your day for me – cheers :-)

I really do love being able to catch up with the unique people who are part of Angels4You Escorts Team whether our girls or our clients. We are such a unique bunch of people and I know that I am proud to have brought each of us together in the way that I do.

Sometimes, I do wonder if I am too open about my life as I am always happy for anyone to be in touch with me on that personal level and maybe that’s what sometimes scares some people away … they want the anonymity perhaps? Or maybe its because many are brought up to keep themselves to themselves? Who knows, I just know that I love being me the way I am. Open, upfront, far too honest but always ready to give what I can to make times special where I can.

It’s also been a funny week for new applications to join the team. The latest two people I have spoken to have both been school teachers … oh yes … it’s half term! There is so little work in though that it seems pointless bringing anyone new into Angels4You Escorts Team but freshness is always needed in this world so I have been chatting to a few girls this week who have made contact and one girl stood out with her most peculiar topic of conversation.

This particular girl had spoken to me initially last week I think it was. She had thought over what I had said and had decided that she wanted to join my agency. Her comment though brought me to a standstill in my conversation .. what had she just said … she said that she wanted to be a “social escort”. That was a totally new term to me, what on earth was she talking about. I asked her to explain what she was trying to ask me.

Apparently, according to her, a social escort is someone who only goes on dinner dates and to social events. She had been told by an agency that this is what an escort does – goes on dinner dates and goes to social events like seminars and conferences and that most escort agencies only sold the girls on the site for sex. She also said that the agency that told her this needed a fee to guarantee her membership of their social team … oh dear!

OK, she is entitled to believe what she will but as I pointed out to her every single escort agency is a social agency. No agency would possibly be blatant enough to sell her for sex, its illegal to do so, we all know that but apparently there are some agencies out there that are turning round and saying that they are non-sexual agencies and that “normal escort agencies” are just selling sex.

Oh well, its up to her what she chooses to believe and far be it from me to try and do any more than I did do but yet again it brings me back to my hobby horse of when will we ever be able to be seen as professional businesses that don’t sell sex! Heaven only knows.

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