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I had a call in a short while back and I am concerned so I always turn to my writing so that I can try and ease it into my thought processes and onwards out of my head I hope.

Thinking back, I have changed an awful lot in my knowledge about this world. Whilst I was escorting myself I knew I was able to be totally in control (after that first ever booking I did where I was not in control) but what I became very aware of was that it was my confidence in myself that meant that I knew danger or comfort when I met a client.

Now though, I almost put a client on trial if he wants to see one of my team and I get a feeling of discomfort at all from the initial discussion. Just now the call I had in has disturbed me. This person was a nice guy to talk to but he obviously had an agenda and when I realised what it was I refused to allow him to book the person he wanted.

My skills are in marrying up the right client with the right girl. I don’t want either party dissatisfied but neither do I want a client judging purely on a picture and not also on a personality. This client had asked me about domination. One of my term is a happy person to take this on but my heart did a flip when I realised that the client wanted a person for 3 hours so that he could dominate her.

I admit it, I don’t understand this side of the adult world. Some 5 years ago whilst I was in the swinging world I spent a weekend in Edinburgh with a guy learning the S&M scene. It was clear that it was not for me. I could not be submissive and I felt uncomfortable allowing anyone to “hurt” me … even with passwords and keywords for when discomfort gave way to real pain. When this call came in, memories of what domination can truly mean came flooding back.

Whilst I will always try and understand any individual’s needs I think it is inherently dangerous for a paid companion to allow domination on her. I have already spoken to the girl who was requested without saying anything about my previous experience and her immediate reaction was how I thought it would be … horror and her grateful thanks that I had asked the client to find another agency where a girl would be happy to accept financial remuneration to be “hurt”. Some people will enjoy this activity … I don’t and I think it really is dangerous in this world to ever “send” an escort to any client who has a preference for this activity.

No matter how many times I tell myself that escorts know what they are getting into, I still take convincing that many more of them are purely seeing £ signs and not sense.

I feel quite scared for any girl who allows this to happen to herself in our paid time out world and my feelings are, at this moment in time, quite acute in their depth. These feelings will ease away again I know that but just at the moment, I needed to write about this to lessen the tension headache I can feel just from having had to deal with this – funny twerp aren’t I!

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