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Mr Arrogant And Mr Embarrassed

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I have had two events in two days from clients who I am shocked at their behaviour.  One of the clients was an existing one which I shall call for this entry “Mr Arrogant”, the other would have been a new one who I shall call “Mr Embarrassed”.  Sounds like I ought to do a Mr Men series eh?

So what has happened to get me as Ms Grumpy again?  Perhaps the fact that I have felt well below par this week having got a second cold during this month and today has certainly been the worst day for this cold but to be frank, it does not excuse what has happened.

Mr Embarrassed first talked to me earlier this week.  He wanted to meet a girl for a dinner date in Liverpool on Thursday evening.  He was really nice to talk to.  He had a non-ethnic name but he was certainly an ethnic client and I found out he worked for a huge accountancy company in Liverpool.  I worked for KPMG for 8 years in Leeds and I know that they only take the best (!) and to get into the accountancy programme there you have to have a 2:1 degree at least so I was really delighted to talk to someone who knew the standards that organisation had – its always good to find a common ground with potential clients as it eases you into those first communications.

New clients are an unknown and no matter how much and how long I chat for with potential new clients its only once they meet the girl and she lets me know after the end of her date how things have gone that I know if we are happy to have them as a client in the future.  Our repeat booking rate is first class and I know that once a client has seen our team then usually we keep those clients … see the latest stuff on Mr Arrogant though!

Keeping on Mr Embarrassed for now he had wanted a hotel in Liverpool that was definitely a no go for us.  One of my team was booked for that place many months back.  She knew its reputation and no way will we visit anyone in there so when I told him this he had suggested another venue called The Devonshire on Edge Lane.  Website showed it to be probably more of a training centre but seemed ok so details organised for a dinner date.  Mr Embarrassed was leaving work and was due to check in at 6.30pm and that gave his date time to get home from work, get changed and get to him by 7.30pm. 

He confirmed earlier through the day that all was ok and he had booked the hotel.  At 6.45pm I get a message … running a bit late should be there in 10 mins cant wait.  I send a message back to say that his date will not be leaving home until I can verify he is at the hotel and checked in so if he was running late then so would she be.  He messages back “Sound no worries”.  That’s the last I heard from him.  I rang him at 7.10pm … his phone is off.  I ring the hotel, there is no-one of that name booked in or has a reservation.  What a shock actually.

Am usually quite a good judge of character but this time obviously not.  His phone was switched back on just before 11pm but surprise, surprise, he refused to answer despite my messaging him.  So … Mr Embarrassed … you are now named and shamed as a timewaster … this gentleman whose name starts with “V” is in his mid 20s, he works at a big accountancy company in Liverpool and his telephone number ends in 6085 for those of you who keep records and if he would like to now call me and stop being embarrassed at being so silly then I would love to hear from you but of course, I am expecting his personal life to be as professional as his professional life (unless of course he lied about that as well!) but silly me, I am just expecting people to be honest and in this world, too many are not.

That brings me nicely on to Mr Arrogant actually when I talk about honesty.  He was very honest with me earlier.  He even hung up on me.  What happened to get me to this level eh?  He has been a client before but I have been accused by him tonight of lying and that my team are no different than anyone else.  His reasoning was interesting.

3 weeks back he calls and wants to see four girls from the team, one each on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of this week thats just ending.  He talks this through and I know his likes .. he prefers size 10s with larger assets!  He wanted to see a specific girl on a specific night on a specific time and with all that notice, I can get this organised.  He contacts me when he arrives in England from the east and I confirm each time that everything is fine with this and he knows who is due on each night and the cost and timings – all was agreed.

He has his first date on Tuesday night and all goes fine.  I get a message on Wednesday though to cancel the dates on Wednesday and Thursday night as something has come up.  He said he will call me later which he did around tea-time to explain that a friend he had not seen for years he was with in Liverpool.  Great no worries for me but I said that his date for that night was really disappointed as she had purposely bought some specific items that I knew that this client liked. 

Mr Arrogant tells me to “send” her after all.  This is 5pm … she had been cancelled this morning and we don’t accept short notice no matter what.  Against my principles and to try and accommodate the client I contact her but as she says, Sue I am sorry but I re-organised this evening as I had been cancelled and I cannot do this to my family at short notice.  Its perfectly reasonable.  Mr Arrogant seems to accept this.

On Thursday evening I again get a phone call from him (remember he had cancelled his dates for Wednesday and Thursday) around 5ish and he tells me wants to see his date after all and to tell her to come.  This time I stood firm and refused totally to contact her and insist she goes out at short notice.  I remind Mr Arrogant that we are not the type of team to come out just on demand.  I send him a text shortly after to confirm that it is not possible to send anyone and he says its ok, I have someone organised.

Checking with him this morning that his Friday booking he was keeping to he confirmed he was, however, he rang me at 5.15pm tonight to tell me that I am too expensive.  He saw a girl who used to be on my team last night and she was at £120 an hour and she was good and I should accept less as he still wanted to see the date for this evening. 

There are two people who left Angels specifically to go to an agency where they could escort for money.  One of them had lost her job and I understood her reasons for needing the money and she knew my principles, if you need money, you need another agency.  The other girl had previously worked for an agency in Leeds but had told me that she wanted to come off main stream escorting and into our level of going out infrequently.  She had lied.  She had needed money and within 3 weeks of being with Angels she had left me to go to another agency and I am certain it is this girl he had seen as she is large assets and is with the agency that I know of where the girls are at £120 an hour.

A short notice booking at very cheap rates and a girl who escorts day in day out because she needs money and I get told that I am too expensive and there are better girls out there.  He hung up when I refused point blank to be told to lower my rates and that I refused to accept him telling me that we were not different.

Actually, by refusing to lower my principles, by refusing to demand girls go to him for less money, by refusing to allow him to dictate I must send him a girl at short notice, oh no Mr Arrogant you are far from right in your thoughts.  If you want a cheaper girl for a date that accepts short notice, an agency that you can just demand from and when you say jump they say how high, and an agency that simply does what you tell them then you are right to not want to stay with Angels.  YOU are not right for us and I will always keep my principles.

Mr Arrogant is very wealthy but you sometimes wonder about the fact that quite often, people with money can and do use that wealth to expect people to accede to their requests and when it comes to agencies who just send a girl to a demand, they can do that.  I won’t and that is why we ARE different and long may that difference remain.

Mr Arrogant said that because this girl had worked for me before then that meant we were no different – if she is still working at short-notice demand then that’s the reason she was not right for us and it was her choice to return to main stream every day, hour after hour escorting for money.  We don’t do that and I won’t be forced to ever send anyone at short notice or at cheap rates no matter what so, Mr Arrogant, I am more than happy for you to use another agency.  I am sorry, Sir, but you just lost my respect to you as a client.  I won’t be bullied by anyone or told I am the same as everyone else.  I know the difference and you just saw last night what I would call, a traditional working girl who is in this world because she has no other options.

I would far rather a girl be in escorting because she wants occasional time out and this is done professionally .. not because she has no other way of earning money!

What a 24 hours and all this with little voice due to this cold.  The weekend is going to be a busy one too so no time to let my body rest but at least by doing my diary entry I have got Mr Arrogant and Mr Embarrassed dealt with in my head!

God this world … I love it! Lol

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