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And no, its not frustration with not getting enough although one of my friends had the temerity to suggest that this is what was wrong with me the other day. I have some friends who keep wittering … take time out Sue … others who say … take a chill pill, Sue …. and the straw that broke the camel’s proverbial back today … “I will just have to pull rank and tell you do do this”. At that stage, I hit the sulks lol … not into being told what to do especially when I am not employed by the company but because I was by then totally fed up and did not want to do the additional stuff that had just landed on my desk because the director of this company had forgotten to take the right paperwork onto site – his error that he put on to me – hassles!

I had to take more finance clients on because of the recession but being truthful with myself (and that’s what my diary is for), its a definite more than I can chew just now! Fed up of long days, no time to do anything other than work and not allowing myself chance to rest. Its presently taking its toll. I feel tired and more tired and no doubt there will come a time when I don’t have an option but to stop and take a break but at the moment … anyone fancy taking a very frazzled agency owner away for a break? All decent suggestions gratefully received! Mind you, I might spend all my time sleeping (and snoring) or waking time wittering about oh my god but I don’t know how I can fit in my jobs when I get back! Can’t win lol

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