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A gorgeous sunny day and I am in a grump! Had to get to a finance client of mine in the depths of Cheshire today to get their payroll sorted and they were also fitting the parts needed to make my car better and on such a beautiful day I wanted to make the best of the weather.

Getting there at 8.50am having left the house at 8.05am (it usually takes an hour’s journey but the roads were very clear) I sat there … and I sat there … and I sat there. The owner said he started at 8.30am. What time did he arrive … 10am! Did he have the keys … Nope! His son had left them in the garage and as his apprentice had another set then the boss had not worried as the apprentice arrives before the boss doesn’t he? Not this time he didn’t … he rolled up at almost 10.30am. By then I had been there almost 2 hours so the day started with a challenge.

It took til 2.30pm before I left the garage … took ages for the car to be sorted as apparently the oil had been doing an internal leak all over the spark plugs. Did I know what it meant … did I heck all I knew was that this gorgeous sunshine was out there and I was doing a program dowload and sorting out their payroll for the last two months but I did find that my car was masses better when I drove it home … felt new and the journey home was actually quite nice and playing a very loud Elton John song (sorry!) over and over again was very soothing but then I got back home to my emails.

Everything resolves itself in time and so will this one but the irritation factor today is of feeling that if something is on my mind should I put it only in my private diary and not in my public diary …. I have some thinking to do on that subject … again!

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