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Gosh what a rough time I seem to be putting myself through at the moment. As if working so many long hours is not bad enough (even though I really do like the two new finance clients I am now working with) when the agency itself keeps making me feel down then something is obviously not working right.

I have changed in my attitudes towards my Angels4You agency since I started us in November 2005. An event today really made me feel soiled and I don’t enjoy or want to be made to feel like that. Why is it when someone does not get their own way the way they used to make it seem that it is my fault that I choose to run my business down different pathways because my own learning of this industry has made it totally clear to me that I want to be different.

Why would a client consciously choose an agency who when they ring to ask for someone to be sent to them that person is literally “sent”. Not asked … but sent. That is the traditional method of running this world. On the girl’s front, if she chooses not to accept the “sending” then what happens? Easy … there are hundreds and thousands of girls just waiting to step into her shoes and agencies know that so they just “send” the next girl out and the girl that had the temerity to say no … she does not get rang again. In a traditional agency the choice is about how much money do you want to earn and its not about the true side of it which to me is about getting out for a change in your life and enjoying time with such different and diverse people that I have had the great opportunity to meet.

Do clients really truly not think at all about what it is they are doing to people? Yes, I actually feel that in the vast majority of the cases all a client thinks about is getting someone to him as fast as possible and to the budget he wants and there will always be, whilst we are an unregulated industry, many agencies who will be more than happy to meet that type of demand and many more girls who are so desperate to earn money that their self respect is submerged.

Why I am on a tirade this evening … I have had this on my mind the whole day. An ex-client called me this morning. I am too honest and sometimes I don’t shut my mouth when I should. Customer service comes first in business I know that but when I am being demanded of something I no longer provide and criticised for the way I have brought us forward then I feel pretty annoyed to be honest.

There absolutely is a niche world in this industry for Angels. I am totally not saying that I don’t sometimes make a mistake with a new girl or make a mistake with matching up a client correctly to the right person but what I am saying is that I can sleep at night. Someone who only wants a girl for her body … wants her for a very short period of time … does not care that she sees people day in day out and often hour in hour out … does not bother about anything except how quickly can they get there and to the budget they want … I don’t want them in my business.

Will have to sleep on this diary entry before I post it I think … I am angry this evening and I also feel so disheartened. This niche is hard to build and to be put down by a client who has not been in touch for over 18 months and then told that I have changed and not for the better in his estimation has been a horrible feeling – he did not get what he wanted for the duration and price he wanted and he made me feel as if I was doing something wrong. It’s been on my mind all day, hence the entry late tonight but hey … my diary helps me sort things out in my head and this is hopefully the pathway to reconciling myself to that old saying “you can’t please everyone”. Don’t I chuffing well know it!

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