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Are Escort Agencies Legal?

Why do I ask this? Because I got asked it earlier on this evening. It’s been a long trying day and I was just about to get the engine started and off home from my finance client’s premises but a phone call came in and my hands free for that phone is playing up so I thought it would be a quick call … half an hour later and the dog is sat in the back giving signs of frustration as I would not shut up again lol

It’s a strange question to be asked actually as I am often asked for advice by other agency owners but not that particular question so let me answer this in my own way and no, I am not saying that this is the right or wrong way but you see what you think.

Is an escort agency legal? Yes, if its run on legal lines. What do I mean? Have a look at their web sites. Do they mention things like services but put the proviso that its time and companionship? Do they have reviews that specifically mention just how wow the girl was at giving oral? What about mentioning that a client must be clean or the girls always are checked regularly and they care about hygiene. What message is this really giving a potential customer? Oh yes, I know … that he is going to get his leg over! Blunt? yeah .. you know me by now.

So if an escort agency does not mention anything about those sorts of things does it make it legal! This is such a frustrating question because if you run anything professionally and within the law then exactly what is it that makes it not legal?

A woman is allowed to sell her time and if, during that time and well after payment, they find themselves wanting to take anything further then good on them and way hay and all that! I did that and found myself in many fun situations and I had a total ball but I knew (because I was educated!) that my word was law. What I said went and I was in control the whole time. If I had chosen to not take anything forward then if my word was not respected, I can, and did, walk away.

Too many, people in this industry are in this because they need money. When you have a monetary need then someone will use that need whether thats an agency ower or the client you are seeing who demands you service him the way he wants. Unless people are educated on their choices then yes, an escort agency could be seen as illegal as we could be held up as selling sex from the women whom we introduce to clients.

A top agency in the North of England was recently prosecuted and there are many agencies who are already sailing close to the wind (advertising incall apartments for example) and they need to think carefully just what they may be putting themselves at risk of.

Agencies need to keep professional and not put themselves at risk so … coming back to the original question … are escort agencies legal … YES … if they keep themselves businesslike and totally within the law. Not easy when you see the colour of money though for most agencies.

Ring up a few and ask them who does A levels … wonder how many will actually answer you because I know more than a few who will recommend such and such a girl …. is that legal … Nope! That’s a girl selling a service and an escort agency selling sex.

There you go … Sue on a hobby horse again … not been on one of them for a while now have I!

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