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New Diary

September 22nd, 2009 admin No comments

My son has been working on putting Sue’s Diary into a wordpress blog for some time now and it is time for this to be changed over which has been done this evening.  The first hiccup has arisen already in that all my categorised posts have disappeared.  I don’t really fancy going through every single diary entry again to re-categorise them so fingers crossed he can transfer the right file across to make this right without my doing another manual job.  I do love the fact though that he has learnt so much in so short a space of time to make a wordpress blog site fit my current material so that I can have a search facility on the site.

I have been much too quiet in my diary for months now and I must apologise to my readers for not being much like Sue for a while.  The work I had done since December had hit me so hard then when I finished it three months back its taken til now for me to start feeling that I can devote time back to my site work so hopefully I will be more active on my diary in the coming months.

The next project for me is to get Angels4You back up the pages on Google search so it’s onto article marketing I think.  I enjoy writing as you know but I am rubbish at writing the wonderfully nonsensical stuff I often see written by ad hoc people (SEO experts apparently) about various escort agencies.  Promise I will try and stay away from total drivel but article marketing is a must so I will try and make sense of the subjects I post!  Yeah … we’ll see.

I feel tonight much more on form so fingers crossed that I can now start to walk forward more positively again.  Having had to go back to a “normal” job was awful and has definitely shown me I love this industry too much to walk too far away from it.

Bear with me whilst this new site settles in but I do hope its better for the future – you can search now and my comments are building up into a good research site about this industry I love being in.  Let me know what you think :-)

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