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It’s Only A Joke

October 24th, 2009 admin Leave a comment Go to comments

Is it really eh?  Well I guess that my idea of a joke and his idea of a joke are definitely not one and the same thing.  But to be honest, where on earth has my sense of balance (and humour) gone these days.

It is troubling me to see how little fun life seems to be at the moment.  I love to have a chat when a client rings and it does me the world of good to have a chuckle on the phone every now and again but two friends in the last two weeks have pointed out just how much I have lost my sense of fun and zest for life over the last two years.

The only thing I can put my loss of humour down to is the daily pressure of keeping going a business in a recession.  I hate not knowing where the next pot of money is coming from and to have comments like the throw away one this morning levelled at me just caused a total sense of humour failure.

It is time to turn on the storage heaters in my apartment but this year, I turned it on 3 days ago but so far (until finally last night) I had not got any heat out of it so had called in a builder acquaintance of mine to see what he could diagnose.  His heart is in the right place but I cannot abide the kind of comment he made and after he he had checked the heater out and we agreed on what was needed we sat and had a coffee and I told him that that comment had got me just a tad grumpy.

What did he say? We were in the kitchen as I was making him a coffee and he said the kitchen needing doing.  Parts of my home are in dire need of TLC and I know that but I just cannot justify putting further debt on anything by getting a new kitchen.  When I said I just could not afford it he did what so many people do … he said …. get your girls out more Sue love ….. ok ….. so its a simple comment but is it? 

Sitting and chatting over coffee he was at pains to point out that he meant it as a joke.  He knows and respects my stance on not going down the traditional short notice, short booking route and not having girls that have to escort for money but it does not stop me being the butt of a so called joke.  I am far too sensitive, I already know that.

Putting that to one side though, life changes and I don’t think its just the recession that is changing me. I have done so many different things in my life that it’s truly scary to see what changes I have put myself through.  Not everything I have done has always been the right thing for me but if there is one thing I know beyond a shadow of a doubt …. I won’t be going to my grave (hope its not too soon too!) saying …. If Only!

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