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Can We Ever Really Trust?

November 27th, 2009 admin No comments

During October I had a conversation with a new client who seemed just that little  bit “over excited” about a potential date.  He seemed more keen in promoting how he would walk into a restaurant with the most stunning  woman on his arm so that everyone could look at him.  He would be at the best of top restaurants, at the best of tables and order the most exciting (he called it “sexy”) food … in fact … he called everything “sexy”.

During the conversations he remarked lots of time that he loves the best, that he lived in London, he was an investment banker and he was 38 years old.  The alarm bells rang … I find anyone who trys to impress me with that kind of talk (wants the best etc …., what they can buy etc …) as not really the kind of person who I can easily align myself too but I am a professional person and if he wanted to meet one of my team and he booked properly then who am I to look down my nose at the tripping out of “oh I can do this and that” routine.  Have never been one for the “oh I have a designer what not” brigade which is I know rather different in our escort world where so many escorts love to be able to buy their designer clothes, bags and shoes from their work and don’t get me wrong, I used to love being able to buy really beautiful lingerie – am too big up top to get a really good choice of fashion lingerie with ease now … what was that last measurement?  Oh yes, 38FF !!! Oops!

Having sorted out in October the booking details for the following day, oh what a surprise (not!) when I got a text the following morning to say he did not feel well.  He said he had been to a really top class Thai restaurant the previous evening (we were talking til gone 10pm that evening so god knows when he had gone there as he had been on and off with his texts about the “sexy” things he wanted to eat and do for most of that afternoon and evening) and he reckoned that he had food poisoning and could not make it.  He texted me later to say sorry and he was on the train home – it did not feel right then because if he was that ill with food poisoning it would be very unlikely that he would be travelling with ease anywhere – he never rang – he just texted.

I did have reservations.  It all seemed too complete.  It’s as though it was a planned act of timewasting … you know … book someone …. ask incessantly about what she will wear … ask the same thing in a different way … keep me talking and texting …. it does happen although thankfully not often but I always try to give the benefit of the doubt.

That morning I told the girl concerned I had my doubts when he cancelled that he was ever genuine I updated my phone to show him as having cancelled at short notice.  He said he would be back in touch when he was back up here again.  I didn’t believe he would but when he did ring a few days ago, I gave the benefit of the doubt other than the fact that he had said the first time that his name was Daniel.  This time he gave his name as David.  I deliberately did not correct this as I wanted to see how far this would go.  He did start on the texting routine again and just to give you an idea of the texts ….

“Well if  **** is raring to go then so am I.  Perfect.  Cocktail dress, heels, stockings, suspenders, diamonds or pearls, fine dining, champagne, chocolates, luxury cigarettes.  That should just about do it …. checking in on Thursday about 2pm.  Dinner at The Restaurant at the top of Urbis?  Romantic and sexy …..”

Then the next text

“S, does **** approve of my choice of restaurant?  Cocktails in the sexy bar at the Radisson first ….”

That Radisson bar I know …. its not a sexy bar to me lol but I was really short answering that last text. I have been ill from Saturday evening through to Tuesday evening and when this Daniel/David guy started these silly texts again, after last time I did not want to get into the texting for silly answers routine again so I was very short in replying and told him I was very ill but perhaps by not allowing him his texting fun then I ruined his timewasting fun and that is why he did not reconfirm today.  I have been trying to get him now since the 2pm check in time.  I have his surname but what a surprise … there is no reservation for that person in that hotel this evening and unless its in his company name then this guy has been obviously having a good wind up a second time.

Which brings me back to my subject heading … can we really ever trust?  In this escort industry …. I don’t think I can answer definitely Yes at all … I think that more and more times people show me to be shallow and untrustworthy (male and female).  Thank god for the loyal base of clients and girls who do make the grade with this agency and who do not let us down so that I don’t have to feel that everyone is not worth bothering about!

For reference for any agency owner that keeps records, then the last 5 digits of his number is 39397 and he calls himself Daniel or David but perhaps he will choose another name for another agency as I don’t believe now that this guy is anything but a timewaster.  Once … food poisoning …. a second time … no confirmation and no answer to phone calls or texts and certainly no hotel reservation in that name, then I reckon someone decided to do a mess about and me being always too nice believed him. 

The expression of  “you won’t fall into that trap again then Sue” does not really ring true in this industry though as I know that we are in a service role and customer service, if its to be good, means that we will bend over backwards as much as we can and this time it was on an individual that was not worthy of ever being in touch with us.  Shame on him for playing such a stupid and cowardly game.  I guess its the way he gets his kicks. 

It happens …. C’est la vie but when I have been so ill (and I have been truly ill – never wish to feel quite so debilitated like that so quickly again) then I really could have done without an idiot doing this! 

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