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The Good, The Bad and the Downright Stupid

January 31st, 2010 admin No comments

The Good : “Hi is that Sue”

The Bad : “Then I’ll book a hotel – the Hilton do?”

and The Downright Stupid : “Then I’ll go and have a tug”

Ok … Since 7pm there have been 3 phone calls that brought me to my diary.  I needed to get some other work done for a client but I have this itch in my head that needs to be scratched (and no its not nits!) so fingers to keyboard and itching gets done.

The first phone caller was awesome.  A client that knows the difference will have read our site (Angels4You) properly, will have realised and responded to our difference and I will happily spend an hour chatting on the phone quite comfortably about this industry and who could be a good date for him.  We had one such phone call like that this evening and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know a like minded professional.

The second phone call … he sounded young and wanted to meet someone in an incall apartment there and then in Halifax.  When I said we don’t do incalls as they were not legal and we were not a team that came out on demand and that it had to be notice, he said he would book a hotel straight away and would the Hilton do.  I felt uncomfortable and said that he would be better with another agency so what did he say “I have money, I am 22 and it would be dangerous to turn me down” …. oops!

The third phone call that finally got me to my diary … I missed the caller by seconds so called straight back.  A truly strong Liverpool accent – my heart sank.  Who did I have now … no-one.  Could he speak to the Liverpool agency … We are a Liverpool agency.  Could he come to us now …. no.   I could hear his exasperation in his voice.  He was not getting the rise out of me that he wanted so what did the stupid twit say “Then I’ll just have to go and have a tug” … and for the sheer devilment I turned round and said, then its a good thing you live in Liverpool near the water then as no doubt there will be tugs around there for you … and put the phone down.  Me being stupid as well! 

There is only so much patience I have with stupid phone calls and all I can think of is thank god for the sensible one at first!


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