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Will I Ever Learn!

January 26th, 2010 admin No comments

Ok … I admit it … I am suitably stupid when it comes to advertising.  Having a real dislike of anything that suggests outright porn or sex then I veer away from linking Angels4You these days with sites such as that.  I have to “give in” at times and put Angels on sites I would prefer not to but in this climate beggars cannot be choosers.

Having done some research on site linking just before Christmas I decided to try a completely different angle.  I wanted to be able to put us where people would go for if they were looking for events in a region (ie planning their time out which is where I have constantly tried to focus on for our clients as most of you know by now that I hate the client who rings up and says “who’ve you got now, love”!).  I found a site that was a great name and had certainly been on line for a long, long time.  It seemed to be advertising where I wanted to be among and in the past (7/8 years back) they had certainly advertised escort agencies but there had been nothing fresh on the site since then and when I spoke to them about that it was because they had preferred to come away from the seedy side of the then escort agency advertising. 

I fell for it.  I fell for the sales and marketing, I felt valued in what they said and why.  I didn’t think further and I stupidly stumped up the relevant fee for 1 years advertising with my accountant’s words hammering in my head of “you must get some overheads through your books Sue”.

The wonderfully nicely designed page has been on the web since early January.  I have tracked the links through from there … guess how many hits have resulted?  After all the hype from their marketing team about how exciting this was and how their site was crawled well and had a large number of hits and that it would be easy for people to find me.   So have you guessed?  Well its not nil, but you can put 1 hit down to the fact that when they put the advert there they would have checked the link so you can take 1 hit out for certain but that leaves me with precisely ….. 2 hits since the beginning of January.

Ok, so I have not got back in touch with them yet.  I will give it two months and then my hackles will be well and truly risen.  My own chuffing fault for thinking that this would be a good avenue to really experiment with and for me not wishing to sell Angels through the truly sex driven sites that are out there and that do provide good business for those that can stomach the seedy side of this industry but me … well, I am massively out of pocket (although the accountant will be happier!) and absolutely nothing return wise to show for it.

When will I ever learn!

PS : Sorry but I have not provided a link to the site I am advertising on because I don’t want to increase my statistics falsely!  If anyone does find Angels4You on a website they would not expect us … get in touch!  Deduction off a booking fee to be gained!  There I go … losing money again!  Am I nuts?  Oh definitely yes!

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