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One Of Those Days

February 15th, 2010 admin Leave a comment Go to comments

Wearing your heart on your sleeve is all too annoying when you want to maintain that stiff British upper lip that so many people seem born to do but I find soooooo difficult!  Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and it did not go to the plan I had all my fingers and toes crossed for … enough said for once on that subject but today has just been what I can only term “a very busy day” and yes I have put it mildly.

I had my financial year end two weeks back and all my books are already pretty much up to date and because I do finances within small businesses for one of my other careers then I can already see where I am to for my year end.  Knowing how many hours I presently work out of the house with clients shows up in my statistics to the extent that my finance work went up by 160% but my Angels business went down by 46% and my training work went down by 62%.  I felt the difference in my energy as finance work is labour intensive for small gain but the training and Angels business is less time intensive for more money so if I had pushed Angels out there as a traditional agency then perhaps I would now be having less tiring day like today.

Trouble is, its days like these that make me not want to push Angels in a traditional way.  There have been numerous calls today.  One wanted a half hour incall.  One enquiry came in by email to ask for someone in the PR postcode area for a 1 hour appointment for tomorrow – they wanted a girl who had to be 18-30 and could do A levels (anal for those of you not familiar with “services” listed on traditional websites).  I told him to look at the FAQs on my site and he might be able to read why I refused his request.  Another call came in asking for someone now at the Lowry in Manchester for an hour.  Yet another call from a guy who apparently met me at The Hilton in Manchester 3 years ago.  Can I remember him … nope.  Can I sort out someone for him for 7.30pm when its 5.30pm … nope and would not want to even think of ringing the girls when they will only just be arriving home from work and with no preparation time to go out again I could not do that.  The calls just kept coming in but where are the guys that are sensibly planning their time out.  Like us, they are thin on the ground.  I have to attract the niche client for the niche agency and this is beginning to really make me feel worn down when I am expending so much energy already on the finance clients which, as I said earlier, are labour intensive for little money.

Principles don’t make money, they do give me sleep at night and they do allow me to feel self-righteous (and yes I do admit to feeling that at least I am on the right side of the law in this industry) but I will admit to feeling truly ratty this evening.  A long day of really frantic work interspersed with irritating phone calls.

It makes me put pen to paper to ask myself again … why do you do this Sue?  Why do you put yourself through these hoops.  Why can I not just be like everyone else.  Why do I not bring people into the team who can do short notice and services.

Today, my answer feels something along the lines of “I don’t flipping well know”.  It will get better after a sleep … won’t it?

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