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Fancy Being An Agency Escort? Part 1

March 30th, 2010 admin 1 comment

Well do you?  If so, you need to have your wits about you and certainly know that you are going to find a very challenging world.  For many girls the lure of the money far outweighs the negative treatment of you as an agency escort but at what cost to the intelligent business woman who expected that she was entering something professional?

On the Angels4You Join Us page ( there are some specific things I do not just look for but there are also specific statements I make about what I won’t “make” you do.  Today, to help out some girls who I have recently had conversations with and who seemed less (shall I say without meaning to be demeaning) intelligently informed about their choices I have detailed more information about why I say what I do on my site.  It may be interesting for clients to also know why I say what I say.  My knowledge comes from direct experience and my concerns may well show through for which I will make no apologies.

There are differently run agencies within the industry.  Some prefer to have girls go to an office environment at their prescribed times to sit and wait to be taken to bookings.  Some agencies just call the girls and get them to clients from their home address or they know when they are finishing from one booking and call them straight after to get to the next. 

My first comment : you are not required to attend bookings at short notice or short durations.  Short notice … try 20 minutes to get to a booking.  Agency owner rings you, demands you go out.  Its just before midnight and you had said you go off call then so you felt that as you had not been called so far (and you had been available from 6pm just waiting for a call) then you were safe to go to bed.  Think again because when a call comes in its a demand and from that a supply has to happen from someone and if you are the one the agency owner has picked on to get out to the client late at night and short notice then woe and betide you if you choose to say no … you may not just get bad words you may also get penalised by no more phone calls until they think you have learnt your lesson. 

My second point : You will always be communicated with and your safety and security are my primary concern.  If you have a driver, you will probably be safe in the knowledge that they are waiting for you so security is less of an issue but if you drive yourself or you just go from hotel to hotel in an evening, just how safe are you?  Many agencies do not care about you checking in when you arrive but some agencies fine you if you come out of a booking 5 minutes later than its booked end time.  Problem is though that you don’t get told about fines until it happens.  Safety?  Not really, its just the agency owners way of ensuring you are not giving the client more than the alloted time.  Why do I believe I am different in providing safe and secure bookings.  We don’t accept the short notice, late night demands – those are too dangerous.  Bookings made with guys who plan their time out are always safer.  Hotels can be checked properly when they check in and having had so many phone calls now in a 5 year period, I know my instincts are invariably correct when refusing or accepting a client to meet with one of the team.  My security system counts on on-time communication and if it does not go to plan then I am on the phone in whichever way I need to be to get communication going from both sides.  I would refer you to my diary entry about one of the team who left a booking early but who left it to the client to tell me this. The link is here to have a read on this one as it gives you a measure of just why we should always be careful about keeping in touch. 

Third point : You are not required to sit in the house or any other venue and wait to be sent to a client.  I covered this partly in point 1 above.  I used to say to the agency owner that I was available on the evenings I could be and then be sat there with hair done, make up sorted and stockings straight waiting for that phone call.  Many nights no call came and I found myself forever keeping up to date with make up and hair … constantly!  It gets very tiring being dressed and kept waiting at that level night after night.  Don’t get me wrong, it was exciting then when the call came but what a real bind it was having to respond at a moment’s notice.

Fourth point : You are definitely not sent to multiple clients in the same day one after the other.  I do not know if you as a client (or a potential escort) are really aware of what truly does happen or whether or not you prefer to know it happens but not think about it but for me, the agency that says “yes she will be with you shortly” is usually ensuring that the girl that is in the next hotel on the high street is coming straight out of one client’s company and straight into yours.  I have done that and I found it really disgusting to have to “pretend” and “lie” about where I had been that day and I never had the chance to have a really decent shower and get the smell of one “session” off me before I got to the other – it was horrible.  It’s one of the really big issues I have in this industry about how girls are so needy for money that they are prepared to do that – I did it because at that time, I was having such a ball that the more I saw people, the more I wanted to see more – I was definitely going through a second childhood!  You soon learn though that you cannot give to your second or third client what you gave to your first – you can get bored and truly tired out – a job it may be but if, like me, you put caring into your work then you will quickly burn out – as I did and that is one of the main reasons I finally stopped escorting myself.

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