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What?  Well I have just had an example of this.  They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but I am definitely going to quote a famous saying … “I am not amused”.  In fact, I would go so far as to say I am spitting feathers.

I enjoy helping people establish more professional ways but when it means that they cannot come up with their own words to their own websites and they take my words and put them straight on to their sites and are also stupid enough to leave the Angels4You words in the text then I can and will follow the plagiarism rules on this. 

Am truly hopeful that this person will respond immediately and remove the lifted items from Angels4You from his website but if not, I have no doubt I will be on the hunt to pursue this through the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) infringement option that we can do with search engines such as Google but how chuffing annoying it is to know that I assisted this agency with bringing themselves to be more professional and they repay me by not being able to sort out their own website but use my words!  Absolutely unbelievable!

If anyone ever does see any words from Angels4You (and I know just how distinctive my words are in this industry) then do please let me know.  All I did tonight was type into Google the words Angels4You to just see what was there and lo and behold … someone has decided that they cannot run an agency without using another agency’s words.

Actually, if I remember rightly when I first set up Angels4You the website designer used words from his girlfriend’s website and I have seen these on many sites that have been done by the same website designer, however, I have always been unique and I aim to stay that way!  Watch this space as I will be checking to see what happens now.

UPDATE : When I checked my mails this morning, I have very courteously had an immediate response to my request to remove my data and the agency owner has both apologised and removed the offending information.  What a great thing to get up to this morning.  More smiles than I had last night that’s a definite!

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