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O M G !

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I had a text in from one of my team yesterday asking if I had a minute for a chat because, as she put it, it is a small world.  It certainly has its moments and I know that but I was curious at her text so at the first chance I had I rang her to find out what had happened.  One of the things that it is important for my team to feel is that with me they can chat about anything.  I know the industry and they know that there will be very few people, if any, who they can confide in about what we do because unfortuately, too much of society still judges an escort as a prostitute and we can rarely be free about what we say so when one of the girls needs a chat (or I do!) then we are in touch to have that gossip.  This is just one such event and I have got permission from her to repeat this story!

Confidentiality is paramount in this industry both for clients and for the girls.  Usually we meet someone, we spend our allotted (and sometimes more!) time with our client, we leave and we may sometimes see them again but, more often, never the two meet further.  Not this time though!

One of the team is presently selling on her present living place near Manchester.  She had a viewer come in yesterday morning with his partner.  They were looking for something in the area that suited their price range and the place that she was selling was suitable.  It was one of those moments that you open the front door, your eyes meet and all you can think is O M G!  Yup, you guessed it, they had both met before, but as escort and client, not as boyfriend and girlfriend or acquaintances.

This is one of those moments that you lose the sense of speech and don’t have any hold of your body going hot and cold and red in the face.  Flipping heck … let’s hope these moments don’t happen too often eh.  Most of our clients are visiting from out of the area so this scenario is highly unlikely but for those clients who are comparatively local, then who knows who you can suddenly bump into.

The last time this team member bumped into anyone she knew it was Billy Zane and no I am not saying he was a client (!), but he was in a bar in the local area and I wonder how many photographs women took with him that night!  I have heard about this meeting from more than one person.

Putting that to one side, the house viewing went well … no idea if a sale went through but who knows … it could do – oooooo errrrrrr!

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