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Fancy Being An Agency Escort? Part 2

May 3rd, 2010 admin 2 comments

Its taken me a month before I have found the energy to sit down and chat further about this subject.  Life is busy but I am also finding it quite strange how much slower I feel.  Maybe its just weight gain but, in my eyes, its the fact I feel older!  Ending escorting in July 2007 means that for 3 years my brain has been active but not me running about quite as much to see clients and potential new girls.  Gosh do I feel older.  However, it is time I finished off the post I started on 30 March (link here) about what being an agency escort really is about.

On the Join Us page on my website there are reasons, as I said before, for my looking for particular kinds of people.  I have mentioned already the first four points on who I look for, the fifth point is about the fact that with Angels4You you are never sent to anyone on demand. 

Do many of you really know what on demand means I wonder?  For the client, the fact that you felt that once you got into your hotel and are settled and fancy some company then it means that you can get a girl sent to you on demand and usually to your timescale.  To the girl it often means you come out of one booking and find that the agency owner has arranged to send you to the next hotel where you blithely trot into the next hotel room and you won’t have much to say about it because, after all, you do this because you like the big money for little time perhaps? 

There is the other kind of demand of course which is where you are sat at home waiting for that call.  You get to late evening and think nothing is coming in and your head sort of clocks off but forget it because if that phone rings, even if you thought you were off call, the agency won’t want to know that, they will have already agreed to send you out.  Try phone calls at 2am in the morning and being sent out to sit in the incall apartment to wait for a guy who is in what kind of state by then? 

I cannot send anyone out  on demand because I know what it was like and I promised that I would never step down that route.  Most of the clients going into hotels will have known about their visits mostly days in advance.  If they can plan where they are going to be, then it also means that they can plan with care and consideration for all parts of their visit but because most of the industry is more demand and immediate supply I guess that many guys now have got used to the kind of person being sent to them when they want that many no longer think in advance because their needs are met with immediacy from most agencies.  It is such a shame though as many of the girls are not given that chance to freshen up between clients or to prepare for you and only you.  Nature of the most of this industry I guess.

The next point on my site deals with the fact that each team member has the right to refuse any client or booking for their own reasons.  There are many reasons people will refuse to meet and the main one in this team is because the booking is too short notice.  All of this team are professional career women and leaving work for us varies from 5.30pm to 9pm so if we were going out in the evening we would have wanted to have washed our hair in the morning, done our nails and preliminary preparations the night before and have got in our head what clothes we wanted to go out in set already in our head so that turn around from work to fun could be accomplished with less time when they get home.  The vast majority of women within the industry (and Angels used to be like this at the beginning) “report” in to the agency as to what hours they can “work” during the week and then they sit their with hair and makeup and dress on ready to be sent out from the beginning of their shift time to the end.  I used to do that and believe me it is really not fun. 

Another reason a booking could be refused is because I don’t feel comfortable with the person requesting time out with one of the team.  This does, unfortunately, happen.  I have an instinct I follow now and yes I know that this will sound judgemental but I have had to learn how to judge on the voice and question on the phone within seconds of a call arriving in to the agency.  Many people have experienced my sharpness initially but when you get asked in a strong accent who you have available now then you know that this will not be the right kind of booking we look for and I do tend to make that judgement quickly and, at times (sorry) bluntly!  Its all about understanding where you want your business to be and how you want to get there but sometimes I do so wish that people would think more carefully how they approach agency owners.  It would make my life certainly a lot nicer at times and I would not have to feel at times completely off balance by having to be difficult with a person who is treating me just as a pimp!

In relation to the point about not being required to meet a client late in an evening; why do you think I say this?  My first ever booking was at 10.30pm in the evening and was I safe … sort of … but I would never trust a younger person in his house or company.  His arrogance with people was dreadful and as far as he was concerned I was there to do as I was told and at that time, I didn’t know any better.  I do now.  I am not saying that the reason the booking was at 10.30pm was of particular relevance here but the later bookings can give rise to someone who has been drinking, doing drugs or coming in from the pub with his mates and you are also going into a strange person’s home in darkness and travelling home late at night early in the evening.  It gives me the shivers and when any of my team are out really late, I cannot sleep no matter how tired I am until I know that they are safe home.

Having phone calls around 10ish and later at night from guys who are clearly in bars/clubs asking for a girl in an hour are so unsafe.  These people will have been out having fun and whilst its great to get back to your hotel room for additional fun, it is usually difficult to reason with alcohol and that is the main reason I refuse bookings that start after 9pm without really understanding the late start reason.  I feel like a mother, I act like a mother and I know I am a mother but I also care and I care enormously about safety so late bookings … we don’t accept!

In relation to the final thing I make clear from the join us page, I deliberately look for people who know themselves and can make decisions from information and without pressure.  So many calls I get from people who want to join the team.  So many people I turn away because they simply do not have that level of intelligence to understand what it is they are intending to do.  I respect people who I know respect themselves and it is sooooo important to me that each girl who enters this industry does so with full knowledge.  I didn’t enter escorting with any understanding other than the fact that my body was being sold for sex but I did not appreciate then the difference between right and wrong but I quickly learnt that I was a prostitute not an escort.  I could and did walk away from clients who did not respect my word (I walked out of one overnight booking and even handed back most of the fee much to the agency owner’s amazement because the guy would not stop pawing me!) and I believe firmly that if a woman understands herself and her desire to be in this industry then she can and will make the right decision when she needs to.  It is one of the main reasons I prefer not to have younger escorts on board.

If you want to be an agency escort you can and will be provided with clients who the agency will wish you to see so in many senses you are supposed to be safer and more secure as the agency will know where you are.  If you feel safer joining an agency then don’t forget to follow their procedures for checking in and confirming with them but if the agency does not provide that service for you then why are you there with them paying your commission for nothing more than a telephone call?

So, after all that, do you fancy being an agency escort or do you think you can handle being yourself and advertising yourself.  Who knows … but what I really do want to convey to those girls reading this today is that if you are not sure about anything, then trust your instincts and do further research.  Someone somewhere, like me, will be prepared to chat and listen to your concerns and give you help where they can so never feel that you are on your own in making this decision.  Entering escorting should never be a decision taken lightly, it can affect and alter your thoughts and feelings for many years, if not life, about relationships and men in general.

POST UPDATE : I just logged on to Sue’s Diary (8.30pm 16/05/10)  to note a comment having come in from a person having read this post.  Please click on to the comments to have a read of this.  I have put Jenny’s link to her website here for people to go to.  It is good to have views like this out in our community and it does show that so many people can choose this world and be right within it for the right reasons.  Thank you Jenny for having found this site and for having cared enough to comment too.

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