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Honesty And Openness Is Not Easy

June 30th, 2010 admin No comments

Months can go by and you can easily assume that everything is fine.  Is it though?  Not in my world it has not been in the last 48 hours.

Sunday : knock on door : hassle from a person

Monday : friend approaches : unhappy with me

Tuesday : work : my feelings not to be aired

Trouble is now, I dare not say what these events were specifically but all I can say is, being honest and living your life out in the open unfortunately puts other people (who for one reason or another cannot be open and honest about what they feel!) out when they know what you feel.

Today all I feel is … well I just hope that this is the third event and nothing more is coming up to hit back at me.  Why oh why I have to be put on my back foot as if I have been wrong in the way I am I will never know.  I am only just coming out of my shell and talking again personally to people instead of thinking, I dare not say this or that but that expression “dipping your toe in the water” feels appropriate.  I dipped it recently and I now have definitely decided that the test was not sufficient to know that its safe to really say anything …. again!


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