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I have been inordinately quiet for some weeks now – why?  Well when the A&E doctor asked me 16 days ago on a scale of 1 to 10 where my pain lay, I asked him (screamed at him more like) had he ever given birth (obviously not as he was a man) then I proceeded to tell him it was a hell of a lot more pain than that.

Waking at 3am on a Sunday morning 16 days back I felt strange as if something had ripped down the left side of my body.  I drifted back off to sleep – a dream perhaps.  Was it heck because 9 hours later I was in A&E hooked up to an ECG monitor being checked for a possible heart attack.  It was not that (I could have told them that) but with pain radiating through the left side of my body starting at my neck downwards I was exhibiting those kind of signs.  Pain like this I do not want to go through again.

Once the diazepam had taken effect and pain killers pushed into me I got examined (my hysteria through the pain was not funny to see) and the wonderful doctor thought it was muscle spasms so was sent home wandering the clouds high on diazepam with nurofen and paracetamol and oh yes go to the GP if you are still having problems.

Monday morning dawns and I cannot move without pain radiating through me – I cannot cope and I ring the GP and luckily enough got straight through.  What did he say, I could have an appointment at 4pm – I was in chuffing agony and told him so, he saw me at 11am instead as I had warned him I would be crying through surgery if he made me wait.  Not because I was being awkward but because the pain was intense.  He saw me at 11am – I cannot move without tears and the pain is horrific – what does he think it is … sudden onset of neck arthritis – what do I get given – anti-depressants that apparently can act as a muscle relaxant.  Did they touch the pain – did they heck! 

I lasted til Wednesday mornng before telling the GP on the phone that in light of the fact I was pushing nurofen and paracetamol into me in such vast quantities without care because the pain was so intense then I was in danger of overdosing – I got codeine and a great friend picked it up for me.  I have already gone through the first batch of 100 tablets – got the second lot now and I am still in pain but on that dratted scale of 1-10 where for me 10 was the Sunday then I am definitely down at a 2.

What has happened to me is that I have nerve damage in my left shoulder; caused by who knows what but the physio a finance client of mine found for me has been a complete blessing.  Sessions with her have helped but oh my god I would not have wished the last 2 weeks on anyone.  When you are self employed without a cushion of money then days of sick are no-nos.  I have had to force my nerve damage to let me work.  I still cannot feel two of the fingers on the left hand and the back of my hand is still tingling constantly (feels like a burning sensation all the time).   How long before I feel better I wonder – 3 months they say to allow the damage to heal.  I am so stressed with pain if thats the right way to put it.

So you now know why I am so quiet – sorry you lot!  But I will be back on form …. soon ………. I hope!

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