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I had a comment come through quite recently from a male escort (his site www.malelondonescort.co.uk) – his comment was:

I don’t get why so many so called ” competitors” are always asking for advice. Where to advertise, what to were, how to get more jobs? On and on…. Would you tell that to your competitor if you would have the answers? I don’t think  I would…..

It makes me wonder if I really am so different that I care more about helping others than making money?  I have not answered this because I know deep in my heart that I do not have a successful business model because my principles of caring get in the way of using a person for obtaining money and yet I do get approached often about advice.  The latest email to hit me came in yesterday and I think that my answer needs to be open for you here.  I don’t care about earning masses of money, yes more would be nice but it has to be done properly, it must be professional and whenever you are in this industry it is not just about the here and now, it is about how you personally are also going to feel in the years to come.

I think for many people the fact that a lot of this industry is seen as illegal will be the buzz for them.  The other thing is definitely the vast quantities of money – it definitely can be earnt if you are happy to use other people’s need for money.  I get so many phone calls from clients asking where I am located, what services will they get, what girls do I have available now.  Don’t get me wrong, many girls will need to be used that way and have come to expect that this is the only way of running an agency but I got asked a question (below) and for those of you who want to see a different way round, then my answer to this person is here for you.  What is right for me is not necessarily right for anyone else but I am open in my life and if anyone wants to ask how I came to get Angels in operation then I am not going to be backwards and give b******t – I want people to make their own ways but if I can help open directions to information or they believe that any experience I have can help them, then I am not going to be like the male escort above, I will care and I will answer to the best of my ability.

The question that came to me:

Hi, i have read “Sues Diary” online journal and was wondering if you might be able to further advise me personally as i am trying to open my own escorting agency. I am currently an escort but i am retiring as i have outgrown it however i have little money to fund it, would you recommend a business loan?  what are the most successful ways of getting your agency to ‘take off’? And what are the most efficient ways of recruiting potential, classy escorts that understand that they are selling time, not their bodies? how long did it take you until your agency was stable?

Lots of questions so I have broken this down :

Would I recommend a business loan?  Do you reckon that you can do a business plan that a bank manager would ever accept?  Be sensible on this.  Bank’s and “normal” institutions that lend money are not going to do so to a would be escort agency owner and only if you are prepared to “fudge” what it is you are using the money you require for would you maybe have a chance of a business loan.  When I first went self employed 8+ years ago, I submitted a request to Business Link/Chamber of Commerce for a regeneration loan for  a certain piece of equipment for my business.  It was horrendously difficult to get and they put you through hoop after hoop as well as get you in front of a panel to discussion your business plan in depth – absolutely no way would a bank or financial institute fund an escort agency – so what business would you pitch to them?  Sorry I know I am being very blunt here but if you had done your legal research about this industry then you would realise that that question is very naive …

In relation to the most successful ways of getting your agency to take off : be prepared to market it properly – don’t trust SEO organisations to do what you can mainly do yourself.  If you do not understand how websites work, how to bring up your organic placements then how do you trust money to an organisation who promises to do this for you?  There are thousands upon thousands of so called companies offering help in this area – read up on what to do yourself first,  sign up to SEO newsletters, teach yourself how to update your own site with backlinks and banners and know how long it takes to promote yourself.  If you have money to spare then by all means find companies who say that they can get you up on the first page of Google but if you do not understand what they are saying, how do you know what they are doing?

What are the most efficient ways of recruiting potential, classy escorts that understand that they are selling time, not their bodies?  Oh I could hang myself here with this answer …. I do not ever believe that a woman who needs money in any way at all should be in this industry unless they have chosen to make prostitution a career and are independent and they can then choose how they market themselves.  An escort agency promotes escorts and purports to sell high class people.  Are they?  My experience errs on the side of … not really.  So many of the girls are desperate and they use their figures, not their minds, on getting money.  For me, I set my stall out within 2 years of setting up Angels when I realised that girls who need money are, in too many cases, dishonest.  I had too many negatives experiences with that level of person that I came to a decision to market business women who were not in need of money.  The people in my team vary and every now and again someone somewhere tries to bring us down but I believe in the girls that are within this team and I would not want anyone who needed money.  How do you get them to admit that in a first discussion …. ask why they want to be an escort.  Most will so often say, oh I like to get out and meet varied people and I just enjoy socialising.  Great answer?  Others will say the fateful words … oh I have done this in the past and I just found your agency and thought you seemed different so I thought I would try you out.  Great answer?  Even more frustrating … I cannot get work with my current agency so wanted to know if you are recruiting.   Did these girls read my Join Us page?  Did they heck!  They needed money so for me, the best applicant has properly done her research and she calls or emails with something that shows clearly an intelligent mind and a good business head.  Some of the careers of the women I have in the team (past and present) are bank manager, teacher, accountant, solicitor – you get the idea?). 

And finally, how long did it take til my agency was stable.  It took off within 2 weeks of the site going live and the first booking coming in.  Since that time, its been very varied and it does depend on how many hours I spend on getting the site out there.  Marketing is easy at the beginning, its keeping it there that is the long term problem.  Learn how to use Google Analytics, know what keywords to target and become good at submitting sitemaps everytime you update your site (Google Webmaster).  In short, YOU have to become a webmaster.  Others may believe you get people involved who do all this for you – what I am saying is, do so, but how do you know what they are suggesting is correct for your agency – not just for them pushing something on to you?

I hope that the answers above (which are only my thoughts) help both the person who queried and anyone else.  As I said before, my way of business will suit me not everyone else.  Become your own person with your own goals, your own principles, your own niche and the right kind of girl, and client, usually follows.  Not always -  but the right kind of person will be attracted by the right kind of website and that kind of website does not come from a website designer, it comes from your heart so if its money you need, then do what so many do … get a quick website, get a quick set of SEO, advertise on Gumtree or such like for an escort and start getting money.  Good luck!

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  1. October 16th, 2011 at 16:42 | #1

    hi i just wanted a bit ov advice really i want 2 become a escort but i hade to pay no92escorts 70 2 start up and basicly they ripet me off saying the client would be in touch if it was a real agentce would the client come threw me and wot are the real and best agentces i could go with thanks sinead

  2. admin
    October 19th, 2011 at 19:31 | #2

    Sinead – yet again, the answers are already on – refer to Fancy Being an Agency Escort Parts 1 and 2, also Marie’s diary entry on Scams and remember to know your rights properly from http://www.saafe.info – good luck and please STAY SAFE AND AWARE

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