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Nastiness Returns

A couple of months back I had a peculiar text message come in telling me that one of my team had been lying to me and was seeing clients behind my back.  She (if it was a she) said that she almost got hooked into that herself but she thought I should know about this person who they did not name, in my team.  They never answered my calls or my messages to have a chat and their phone has always been off ever since.  I would guess it was just a sim card to be used for what I can only call s**t stirring!

I know my team and I don’t believe that they are the kind of people who would get involved in seeing clients that way and if to be perfectly honest, they had wanted to then it would have been their choice as it would be them that destroyed their own honesty and conscience not me.

Putting that off to sleep months back I had a guy ring me the other day.  He has called on and off, always promising to book and during these conversations I had the impression he was a regular user – always called himself a gentleman and lots of things that were usual little hints that solidified my initial impression but what happened next I can only say is chuffing irritating.

When he called the other day he wanted to see one of the team either that night (and he knew we were not short notice) or Thursday night.  I texted the girl concerned (remember all the Angels girls are in their own professional day time jobs) and got a message back later to say that she definitely could not manage this week as she had plans Thursday and was out the whole weekend.  She was due to be with her brothers and nieces/nephews on a family weekend.  I communicated the fact that Thursday was out and that she was booked with other commitments for the weekend.  The client kept saying well what about Saturday or maybe Sunday and seemed incapable of accepting she was not available.  This was around 6.30pm just as I was trying to get in to my physio appointment – and yes my shoulder and arm are still giving problems.

Getting home just after 8.30pm, I fed the dog, fed me and was just catching up on my emails when a call came in from this client again.  I was tired and obviously did not take in what he was saying.  Apparently he had been in touch with a friend of his about his booking and that in itself seemed strange as seeing escorts is not something I would have thought that people would ring their friends about and more so as this “gentleman” sounds in his 60s.  He said his friend knew exactly why my team member could not make his booking for Thursday night – she was going on a yacht with 4 arabs.

I have to be honest, I was that punch drunk with tiredness I just thought it was a bad joke but he kept stressing that this girl was obviously lying to me because his friend knew that she worked elsewhere.  I slept on this and my irritation only increased the following morning when this person rang again.  This time I am afraid I did not hold back and asked the client to take his games elsewhere.

Why on earth do these people have to treat Angels as if we are likely to have people who will do double duty because they need money I will never understand but I hope that both the person that sent the silly text and the idiot that said his friend knew the reason my team member could not make a booking have both decided to go away and play their games elsewhere now.  I definitely do not need further issues like this.

One agency has set me up before with a girl working for them who was sent into my team to create havoc.  Have learnt now that women who have never been escorts make more honest people – sad lesson to have had to learn but this industry is unfortunately heavier with unscrupulous people than most other industries.

Let me hope that these two events are just another blip and not another set of concerted efforts to undermine the agency however after 5 years of business I still know that you never know what is round the corner!

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