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Do Escorts Really Not Care?

September 28th, 2010 admin 2 comments

Following on from my post about clients not caring, an event happened within the Angels team this evening (28/09/10) which has led me to think that I also should point out the other side of this industry.  Girls who very obviously have brains but who also do not care?

I feel very much raw this evening.  I am both hurt and embarrassed that this event led me to distrust a person who was genuinely trying to help.  The action I took was probably not what he expected but I will not tolerate dishonesty in this industry.

What do I mean by “Do Escorts Really Not Care?”.  I am an ex-escort and I do care and I know how much I care but what kind of caring did I mean?  To me, its the caring about people not about the money.  Don’t get me wrong here, I would not have met many of the people I did if I was not being paid for my time as they would not normally be my preferred choice of age/height/look (shallow I know!) but for many girls in the industry I think that they escort because they don’t care about clients, they care about money but somewhere in the beginning of the meeting and the ending, that money paves the way for fun for both and, most of the time, a successful and happy time is had.

My concern tonight stemmed from one of my Angels team letting me and letting herself down.  I don’t like it when someone is a user of people and I feel very used this evening.  When I had someone kindly try to tell me a few weeks back that someone in my team was lying, I really did not believe them.  I have had so many hits from other competitors trying to do that sort of thing that unless I have hard and fast evidence then I don’t/can’t believe.  Surely the team that have been with me for so long would not lie to my face?  It appears tonight that one of them has done just that.

What is it that turns a girl to just doing whatever she needs to – including lying – from being someone who seems to be a really genuine person into a liar?  What is it that enables someone to live that way?  Is it really that our past events are somehow influencing how we treat other people?

Trouble is, my honesty is what is my downfall. I do believe that people who can and do lie to the extent that one of my team has done to me can and do sleep happily. People seem to think that lying is a way of life in this industry but for the love of god why, oh why, this girl needed to lie to me I just do not know.

Tonight I am sounding off because I am both mortified that I initially did not believe the person who was concerned about this escort and that I have believed in someone in my team who I really thought I knew and even when she said recently I should learn to trust my team I trusted her – more fool me! 

So, to answer my question above about do escorts really not care?  I cannot answer for every single escort.  I can answer for me and I know my answer – the girl who lied to me?  I think she can definitely say, no she does not care …. actually not quite true – I would guess that she would be caring about money.

Bringing my reputation for honesty into doubt is a horrible feeling however, here endeth another of Sue’s rants!  Think the hairdresser will need an additional dollop of blonde in my hair next time I am there – my grey hair will have turned white overnight with this latest escapade!

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