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Being An Insulting Fool

September 6th, 2010 admin Leave a comment Go to comments

Getting an enquiry from the Angels4You site this morning I answered it and, with hindsight, my irritation with the question showed a little bit too blatently as the recipient of my irritation told me not to send him abuse like that and called me an insulting fool.

The email, my response and his answer are here for you.  Yes I have taken onboard his irritation but do I stand by what I feel in that his initial request was just stupid.  If people act professionally then they will be treated professionally but all he did was treat me and the team as a usual level of service without thinking himself about how he could actually be perceived.

His Email enquiry : I am enquiring about the possibility of a meeting with you.  I was wonderfing if you have cheaper rates if I only request certain things eg no sex just fooling around?  If you could get back to me ASAP I would appreciate it.

My email response : Interesting question however as my website makes entirely clear, we don’t sell sex so your question is completely irrelevant.  Sorry not to be more helpful.  You approached the wrong kind of agency with that silliness.  Good luck finding your fooling about price.  No doubt some agency will need the business enough to answer you without realising they should not be selling sex in any event.

His email response : Don’t sent me abuse like that you insulting fool just because I didn’t read your website thoroughly.  And dont try and come off all high, mighty and principled with me considering what you are!

The things you have to deal with in this world eh!  My fault for not ignoring the silly message and for being too tired when I responded so that I was just that little more over zealous in my response that I should have been!  Another lesson learnt? 

  1. Allan
    September 10th, 2010 at 20:55 | #1

    Stick with it Sue, I for one respect what you do and what you hope to accomplish. You have picked an achievable goal, proving that there is still a market for courtesans in the traditional sense, even though you girls aren’t full time employees and that hobbyism doesn’t have to be the soul destroying environment it otherwise could be.

    Hope that makes sense but I’m sure you get the gist anyhow.

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