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Do Clients Really Not Care?

September 21st, 2010 admin No comments

Having recently commenced a small marketing campaign, the phone calls have increased for a few days now and whilst I get the odd sensible person on the other end of the line, most of the time, it is a client (said in the loosest of terms!) who wants to know what our services are, how much it will cost, what girls are available now, where is our incall apartment, how much do we charge for half an hour and so on. 

What worries me the most is that those clients are usually answered by the agencies and a girl is then “sent” out to the waiting client.  I recently received an email warning from an unknown Leeds agency.  In the email it said that a girl had been “sent” to this client.  Apparently towards the end of the booking he had pinned her down and entered her without a condom – rape in my words as it was certainly not a consensual act. 

Apart from the fact that this happened to the girl, what also continues to worry me is how many girls are just “sent” at a moment’s notice out to a client.  It is not just the odd agency that does this as this action has completely stemmed from agency owners who do not have the duty of care about most girls who need to escort because they need money and I have to be honest, does the client on the other end of the phone demanding a visit there and then care that the girl has probably seen clients (plural) earlier mind that he is being sent this girl (and in my blunt way of words – used goods) … no I don’t think he does.  He has one thing only on his mind and that is so obvious with so many of the phone calls.  A demand and immediate supply culture is prevalent throughtout this industry because lets be nothing more than my honest self here … money talks and that is why so many agency owners and girls are in this potentially huge money industry.

I do play devil’s advocate when I do get a client who rings up and asks who I have available now because when I say to them that we do not have the kind of girls who need to be sent out on demand they often ask if I have the number of any other agency that I would recommend.  Recommend!  That is like red rag to a bull to me – why on earth would I recommend an agency where I know that the vast majority of the girls are in this industry because they need the money and that need transmits into a call from the agency and a demand to go out there and then.   My heart gets in the way of business and I am unable to turn away from caring and I certaily cannot accept an immediate demand for a service – its what stops me from earning money through this industry though.

When the client does ask who I recommend though, I do try and turn this comment of “no I do not recommend” into a “because” statement and by the time I have often finished, I know that many of the people who have not hung up on me or called me foul names, have had second thoughts about a girl being sent at a moment’s notice and quite frankly, if I have given them a more informed choice then I will have hopefully given someone a bit more caring than perhaps they had themselves.  I don’t believe I am living in a dream world on that thought either – clients can care but unfortunately, more care most about getting their leg over whenever they demand it and I still get the “I’ll pay double” routine when I say no I do not have anyone available.

I don’t expect things to change just because I would want them to but I would so want clients to re-think about the “yes I can have such and such with you in 20 minutes”.  How many bookings will that girl have already done.  Will she actually be given the choice to see you or will she be that needy of money that she will be thinking of nothing but the next pound notes rather than you as a person?  Will you care that she had that kind of choice just so long as you get what you believe is your right because you are paying? 

Everyone is supposed to have choices but some girls I know are not always capable of making what society would usually deem as a “sensible” choice.  I just hope that clients think more carefully about accepting a “now” booking in the future.  That girl may well not really be doing this because she wants to – it may be because she believes so little in herself that she feels she has no choice to say no to a short notice.  Not everyone is in this industry because they want to do be – many believe they have to do as they are told and it is very much known that if a girl says no too often to the agency, she won’t get further work – it can be a double edged sword. 

For every girl that says no to the agency short notice demand, there will be many others needy and desperate enough to say they can do it and unfortunately agencies can and do exploit this – it earns them money and where women need to earn money, there will always be people ready to exploit this without really having a care as to why the girl is doing what she is doing. 

Not everyone has the luxury of experience in understanding themselves and others and exploitation of naivety is certainly rife within this industry and many clients themselves contribute to this mess by simply thinking that when they need a woman, an escort – any escort – will do.  The girl that is then sent you is rarely there for anything other than your pound notes.  It is nicer (if that is the right word) to think about finding a truly independent escort.  These girls have made a totally conscious choice to be escorts and whilst yes they are still earning a lot of money, they will be focussed on client service – it is their job and these girls will not have been “sent” to you, they will have made their choice.

Sound off over – I think!

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