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Phone Calls

October 16th, 2010 admin 2 comments

Phone calls are the lifeblood of an agency.  Without the calls then you have no booking potential.  I was at my computer this afternoon sorting out my business finances as I have to do these at the weekend with working out at different clients during the week and I got a phone call just now.  Most of the time I brush these off but I was caught off balance with the comments thrown at me just then so, seeing as the computer was on, my fingers went immediately to the keys, my diary site I opened and I did what I usually do when I am cross, I write it out of me hence the diary entry now.

What annoyed me?  Stupid people.  Phone goes … I answer … “Hello its Angels” … rough accented voice asks …. “who can you send me now love”.  I repeat my mantra with ease these days … “I am sorry sir, we don’t accept short notice”.  What happens?  Oh my god, I get a torrent of total abuse and the fact that I remain silent seems to goad this person (and his mates shouting encouragement in the background) into further obscenities of what he will do to me because he has the money to use me how he sees fit.

The man talking (shouting loudly is more apt) finally runs out of steam.  That usually happens when people don’t get a rise and they discomfitted with silence but he finally hung up.  I am concerned for a specific reason here.  Think about this scenario.

Customer rings, customer wants girl sent there and then, agency say “such and such available”, agency ring girl, girl gets sent, girl arrives ….. and its the last part that worries me.  That was not one man asking for time with one woman.  He wanted time but he had his mates egging him on.  When that girl arrived do you think she would have been safe from the rest of the group that was clearly goading this guy into booking an escort?  Think of what could be a scenario here – a Saturday afternoon drink, drunk with your mates – oh yes, lets get an escort for some fun …  

From the experience I had working for a large Leeds agency I know that some agency owners are good at catching stupid people out and knowing when the booking is not safe but most people in the industry (girls and owners) are truly not there for anything except a supply and demand routine and that is why I felt uncomfortable with that call and realised that if I had said “yes I have got someone now” then just what would I have been “sending” this girl into. 

Demand and immediate supply is accommodated throughout most of the escort industry (certainly in the regions I have experience of) – how safe do you really think it is?  Lots of girls post on the forums about this problem and that problem and my problem never materialised because I prefer to turn down stupidity but unfortunately when money is seen as a bargaining point to the extent that this stupid person that rang me kept telling me that he had money and could pay for what he wanted, then eventually some girl from some other agency will no doubt be sent out into an unknown situation. 

I am glad I do not have to accept idiots like that as clients. 

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