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Sunday Afternoon Silliness

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Have been working on one of my client’s businesses this afternoon – still trying to pull paperwork into a consolidated accounting system and see just where he really is up to but its long work for me as I tend to be overly methodical in my approach.  My quality auditor training has a lot to answer for in not enabling me to “fudge” things!  Be that as it may, I have broken off to just put down the silliness I have just had to experience from a phone call.

As I said in previous entry my patience is slightly frayed with so many of the stupid people I get on the phone and it never seems to stop.  I answered the phone 20 minutes back, no-one answered my hello instead all I could hear was a man and woman having a heated discussion.  Thinking it was a wrong number I simply hung up but this number returned to me within a couple of minutes.  What was it about? … More silliness …

The woman who was on the other end of the phone wanted to know how quickly I could get a girl to her friend who was far too shy (but very evidently was butting in in the background conversation) to ask for an escort himself.  This woman had obviously not read the website but had just rang but oh boy was she belligerent when I said we did not do short notice.  She kept butting in to my trying to explain why not but did not listen and finally I simply just said “no”.  What did she say – “why not” – again! 

I left the call behind and went back to my accounts but saw the same number suddenly come up again.  Answering the phone (again) I did not even get chance to even say hello.  I was simply subjected to a barrage of abusive words which amounted to the fact that I was rude and arrogant and not professional at all.

It is so hard not to smile at what happened.  Learning to trust my initial instinct has proved time and time again correct in that when a person is thwarted in their attempt to get an escort at short notice then they often will start the abuse trail.  What has always concerned me (as I keep wittering on about) is that when an agency has agreed for a girl to go (long before any abuse starts) then if that person is nice on the phone (so long as they get what they want) can you really trust whether or not it is going to go wrong when the girl gets there. 

These two people were obviously having a drink on a Sunday afternoon and the female friend decides her male friend needed a s**g so she sets out to get him his fix.  Silliness reigns but this kind of client … not for this team thanks!

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