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I have to be honest to myself – I HAVE changed in how I feel about escorting.  Unfortunately I also feel that I cannot fight this industry the way I have been doing – in my heart and my writings and my outspoken views. 

At the beginning when I started my diary I recall being told I would not make a difference so I was to shut up and just let the industry continue on its way.  My choice was to open up the dishonest dealings that I have come across over the years up to more public scrutiny and I still now try where I can to put off any people that may be thinking of this industry and who I know I cannot look after along another pathway whenever I can.

Angels4You set out to be a different kind of agency for, hopefully, a better class of client and certainly a more educated, informed and free-thinking person than the often found “I need money” kind of person.  I have definitely succeeded in showing the way in non-immediate and longer duration bookings however, as the recession hit then the bookings slowed down and, increasingly often I got the kind of phone call that I have seriously come to dread – “who do you have now love” – “where’s your incall apartment” – “what services will I get”. 

I have hated this kind of call with what I can only call “increasing contempt” for the kind of man who really does see this industry as something he can demand what he wants because he can pay.  My contempt has only continued to increase as I have recognised even more clearly that the people who run so many of the escort agencies are not in this for anything except the money and the duty of care to most of the women who are in this industry for no other reason than the fact that they can only sell their body is weighing heavy on my mind.

Angels needs to continue as I firmly believe that there is a need for the kind of person and agency principles that we follow, but I find that I am reluctant to take the calls from men who I really do not want to hear those words come from.

So what am I saying then?  This may be a surprise but I have decided that I need a person to help me in this work.  I won’t give up because we need agencies like Angels4You so that clients who know the difference have that choice.

Down to the brass tacks then … Angels4You is looking for a manager.  You will need to live locally to Manchester and you must certainly have the high standards and principles I do as you will be expected to be a “me” but what you can expect is support and caring second to none. 

An interest in web marketing will be needed so think through carefully before you get in touch, however, if anyone believes they can measure up then get in touch – you will find the telephone number on the Angels4You website and remember evenings after 6pm will be the best time to catch me – the rest of the time I am usually caught up in managing the businesses of my other clients. 

We are a unique agency but for anyone with caring and passion that is second nature to them then you have something here waiting for you to fill it. 

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