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Running An Agency : What’s Involved?

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Every agency owner runs their agency how they want to.  You can put passion and caring in the equation or you can put earning money as your priority (or you could say that you have passion and caring for earning money if you want to look at money in that way).

Whichever way you look at it though I am going to give you a run down now of what tasks I have undertaken since becoming an agency owner in 2005 – it has been a steep learning curve and, as I have said in my diary at the beginning, the agency owner I was working for at the time I set up Angels was a great source of learning and I will be forever grateful to her patience and caring to help me get set up.

Spend hours trawling the net for sites to link through to to potential increase visitors to your own site; go through their hoops of logging in, creating passwords, doing banner links to their specifications (and rarely are the sites all looking for the same thing in banner linking) uploading banners, verifying them and still checking that they have yours still there months later

Learn not to trust so called SEO experts, web designers and adult photographers.

Teach yourself how to manipulate images, put logos on pictures and upload and download images as girls go on/off the site.

Understand the importance of naming separate pages, getting the title tags and meta tags right and write the correct image titles that target the market you are aiming at

Answer the silly emails from girls who need work; weed out the ones who you know from their lack of communication will struggle to talk let alone accept the texts that come through with little or no comprehension of what they are asking other than for “I need job”

Meet up with potential applicants and then find that they don’t want to pay for photography as their mate or their previous photographer has done them for them (crudeness and bad positioning abound in these kind of photographs let alone that this girl has probably been doing the round of agencies and those same photographs will have been or still be on other sites), arrange for them to meet with the photographer then find that they don’t turn up and forget to let you or the photographer know.

Learn how to write articles about the same subject in different ways umpteen times.  Trawl the web to find sites that accept “adult” articles and then go through their registration processes to put the article on there; wait for the approval, check to see if any links do come back to you from those articles so that you are not wasting your time submitting more articles to the same site.

Learn how to do an xml sitemap and everytime you update your site then upload your new xml sitemap and load up Google Webmaster and tell Google your site has changed so that it crawls you more quickly.

Understand how to interpret the analytic stats that will show you where your links are coming from, whether or not your article and banner linking work is producing any results and continue trawling the net to find links that can increase your number of visitors further.

Oh yes … I nearly forgot here …. receive phone calls from potential clients (many of who will be the kind that ask who is available now and what service will he get); weed out the ones that are not suitable; hopefully build a brief rapport with the person you are speaking to and then hopefully find the right person who can, on the evening suggested, meet the client.

On the day of the booking ensure the girl is set and ok for directions and knows where she is going and when and can get there on time; ensure you know everything you can about the client’s full name and what time he is booking in; ensure you leave enough time for you to verify the client is at his hotel and booked in before you let the escort know he is confirmed and she has time to arrive with him and then panic when the motorway is closed or the girl cannot find her way and the client thinks you may be fibbing because she is late.

Finally, cross your fingers that the booking goes well and the thumbs up comes from the client and the girl and you can go off call yourself once the escort is safely home and then you worry about how long it will take before the introduction fee comes your way.

Become your own finance manager and set up and record your bookings (so important when you are a limited company to get your paperwork and accounts in full order).

In short – not that the above was short (!) – live the life of an agency owner.  It may sound as though all of this is OK but believe you and me, unless you are a big agency and you have the money to “employ” a receptionist with suitable support personnel for the internet marketing, then running an agency is one job and it can impact tremendously on your life and that means daytimes and more so evenings.

Taking phone calls and trying to ensure that the client is a “safe” one is paramount to me but in the background, I have had to get Angels out there to get the phone calls in. 

Running an escort agency is not a task that can be picked up and just put down and that is why, when I say its my baby, I have managed this fully now for 5 years but my time to give to it is too limited which is why I am asking for a manager to step in and take this off my shoulders if Angels is not to fall totally into sleep for now.  If you were starting an agency from scratch then you would have to wait for your site to be found on Google, pay a lot of money in advertising for it to be found more quickly, wonder how the girls would come to you when you are a new set up and unfortunately make mistakes in accepting most of the clients who ring who will know you are new and be trying you out only for you to find they are not acceptable people – it does happen.

Phew – my finges have flown furiously over the keys getting this out of my system.  My frustration has in some senses stemmed from people really generously offering to help for a little part of this and a little part of that but unless I have the whole package, this is not a job that is a job share unfortunately.

I do think that Angels will have to take a sabbatical whilst I try and sort out my business clients so that I can have less time with them and more on my agency but that is a lot of months (years) off yet but in the interim if anyone has serious time on their hands (day and night) and would like to tackle a real challenge that, within weeks, will have them earning money then do get in touch but remember, this is a give it all or nothing and if I am prepared to give you the support to learn the above then I do not want to have a half hearted effort so the above is an attempt to get anyone thinking of this to know that this is not for the faint hearted – you WILL be running the show!

Any takers ………………………………?

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