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Can I Recommend An Agency?

March 2nd, 2011 admin No comments

In one short answer …


Why? Well you didn’t think I would just say one word now did you? You don’t know me if you think that then eh?

Ok … why will I not recommend an agency?

I have lots of reasons but what my reasons are are for me to believe in what my experiences have delivered to me during my time in this industry. For others, their experiences mean they can recommend however I have always stood against the crowd and just because Angels is ran in the way I have the passion in me to run it does not mean that there is anyone else just like me who can run an agency just like me.

That is the whole reason I cannot recommend anyone – I don’t of anyone who cares about people and customers the way I do. What I have come across in the escort industry has shown me time and time again that the vast majority of people are in this for the money and so many agency owners have been spoken about by the girls yet never ever have I heard of anyone saying they felt cared for by their agency owner … the only thing the agency owner wanted was a girl who said “I will be there” when a 20 minute booking notice is given.

I am sorry to the volume of people who write in to me thinking that because I know Angels and run it the way I do that I must know every agency in every location in the UK and I am sorry but I don’t. I know agencies comparatively well in the Leeds, Sheffield, Liverpool and Manchester areas. There are agencies that are well established (ie they have gone past the 2 year business stage and are still thriving and fresh people are on their sites frequently) and there are the agencies I wouldn’t touch with a barge pole but thats horses or courses … you will always get bad apples in something.

So if I don’t respond to you at any stage if you have left a comment on my diary asking for an agency recommendation then the answers are already on the site, just use the search box at the top of this screen and type in agency recommendations and see what comes up. There is no short option to researching this world properly.

In relation to men thinking that there is a market for straight male escorts and the constant stream of emails I get in asking for me to point them in the right direction – then type into Google “male escort scams” and start your research for yourself.  There is ample research for you but if you think you can be sold as a man for a woman then you go ahead and find your market and don’t forget to let me know so that I don’t keep saying to people “what makes you think that there is a market for male escorts”? and then answering this for you by saying “oh yes, I know, its the agency that tells you what you want to hear and then charges you upwards of £200+ to list you on their site to give you those hundreds of bookings and the only thing you then find is nothing in your pocket and no dates either”.  Why on earth do you think they can prey on you and remove this money?  Because people want to believe that they will get something for nothing so please guys, stop asking me the same question and start thinking and reading.  Use the search box again on my site and type in male escort and read the diary entries – or go on to and read it and just because this is a few years old does not mean it is not current but if you do find that very elusive market – let me know as I would really appreciate having my knowledge more current if I have fallen behind the times.

If I seem … off … this evening, it is because there is enormous frustration at the comments that keep coming through on my site from people who obviously do not realise that if they wish to embark on something then you need to research it – properly – it is your life you are thinking of challenging down a different path and it is your responsibility to take care of what choices you decide to make.

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