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Marie: Twits and Twitter

April 27th, 2011 admin No comments

WELL it’s all certainly been a learning curve this week. I’ll explain:

Firstly I’ll bring up SEO. This is something I am trying to get on top of in order to raise Angels4You’s profile. So with this in mind I start a Twitter account; good idea? …Maybe not. I have found all of the escorts and most of escort agencies discuss sex quite blatantly. Also the escorts, lap dancers, potential punters and any other eccentric who cares to do so can follow you and also discuss sex in a very obvious manner. I have been chased by a male escort wanting a freebie and I must admit I fall into the category of a twit here as I entertained the idea for abit. Not very professional of me but I said it was a learning curve!

Next lesson learnt is from the contact I’ve had with more twits via the Angels phone. I have found that I can put them in 3 different categories:

  1. Idiots
  2. Lying idiots
  3. Lying idiots who ring at stupid o’clock

Now don’t get me wrong, as I’ve said in my previous diary post, I do love hearing from potential clients. So long as I have the time – and I always try to make time – I enjoy the lengthy conversations whole heartedly. (As one poor guy found out – which I will get to in a minute) What I don’t enjoy are the idiots who contact Angels4You. Let me give you a few examples:

The man who wanted a half hour meeting …erm….NO!

The man who rings at 7.55am – ‘can I see someone now?’ …erm….NO!

The ‘virgin’ whom I had a lovely conversation with. Well! He fully convinced me but after a chat with Sue I realised he was pulling the wool over my eyes and lying through his teeth. Why lie?

Silly Texter 1 – who just did not get the message! The text convo went something like this: ‘can I have an escort text me’. To which I replied that Angels doesn’t do arrangements over the phone and could he call please? His response:  ‘Can I have an escort text me’ then ‘I’ve no credit’ to which I replied that maybe he should call only once he’s got credit. I then got nearly 10 more texts: ‘can you not ring me’ to which I just ignored – you’ve got to give him a badge for persistence though!

Silly Texter 2 – the texter who knew his text slang (Pity I don’t) ‘u in Sheffield’ I asked him to be more specific please. ‘ya tomoz ok’ what does this even mean? I told him to go elsewhere. One thing you need to know about me is that correct use of the English language is a good start, and that a little punctuation goes a long way!

Silly Texter 3 (my personal favourite) ‘2pm tomorrow, 1hour, submissive schoolgirl with anal’ hey, at least he was to the point! This actually made my hackles rise and I told him in no uncertain terms that Angles4You does not, and never will, sell sex and his best option was to go elsewhere. Does he think I would send one of my team members round after a request of that nature? ….NO!

And last but not least -my embarrassing moment. As I mentioned previously I like to chat as this poor guy who rang me up soon found out. He wanted to see someone immediately which of course I explain that this is not an option as we only accept advance bookings. I then went on to chat about the weather – only to get hung up on! Note to self: Don’t chat if they don’t want to!

Anyway my conclusion is that I’m beginning to understand exactly why Sue has such a zero tolerance on all nonsense.

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