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Sue: Feeling More Positive

May 2nd, 2011 admin No comments

The last 6 months, as many of you who have been reading my diary have noted, have been more than a challenge for me.  My exhaustion levels have been very transparent and the little energy I could find was still taken up with the hassles of business.  However, I am more than happy to report that my smiles and sense of humour are on their way back – yes – finally!

The end of financial years are always a challenge for businesses and it has certainly impacted on me heavily this year.  More than a few people have been in touch concerned for the way my writing has shown my exhaustion – I have been tired – massively so – but I know from the comments in the last week that I have turned a corner.  This last 3 days since the Royal Wedding I have been able for the first time in weeks to not feel that the pressures of business has been weighing too heavily and I feel less strained.

Tomorrow I am going to see if Yoga is for me!  Have tried to do this on the Wii-Fit at home but I find it frustrating trying to get the machine on, the TV to change its input channel before trying to decide which pose is the one that will help my frustration!  Probably not quite what Yoga is all about but there is a new class starting in the next village to mine so I am going to see if it is any good for me.  The noticeboard in the apartments I live in also tells me that aqua fit classes are starting in the middle of this month at the swimming pool that is right next to the apartments so I may even have a try at that.  The physio has said I must become more active and as my workload headache is easing I have a feeling I may just be able to fit more relaxing things in … hope so anyway.

Marie has had the phone for a couple of weeks now and I have to honest, while calls still get to me when Marie is unable to answer, the pressure of not having to deal with the sheer volume of (how did Marie put it?) “idiots” is lessening some of my tension and I am starting to feel the benefits of having a manager involved.

I had to smile when I saw Marie’s last diary entry and she has certainly had more calls since then and her baptism of what this world really is about is certainly evident now.  The escort industry has changed over the last 20 years and whilst I have only been in it for 7 years, even I have seen the clear evidence of people usage.  Most of the girls in the industry are here not because they want to be but because they need to be and this need is clearly exploited by so many agency owners in this industry.

Does a girl who needs money clearly have a choice in what she does?  On the other hand, does an agency owner who needs to fill a booking at 11pm at night have a right to exploit that need because the girl needs the moneyand the agency is a business?  Oh I keep going on about this subject of usage and I have no doubt that nothing will change, at least not in my lifetime but when I get phone calls from people who want to set up agencies believing this industry to be more professional that it truly is (and usually it is because they have come across the Angels4You escorts website and thought that Angels is representative of all the industry) then I get concerned all over again and I find I have a troubled mind until I get it written out again.

Running an escort agency, a traditional kind of escort agency, needs the agency owner to care about money not about people.  You need to know that you have to harden your heart against the people you will be using for their monetary need.  So many of the girls already as escorts have chosen this because they are not given many other options.  Do not get me wrong, I came into this industry by choice and I have learnt how to handle myself through the experiences I have had and I certainly know others who have the knowledge and understanding of this world to be able to make informed choices; yet having run another agency for a while and knowing the people that have come through Angels I know that my feelings are well grounded …. most people do need this industry for mainly monetary reasons but what I find hard to stomach is how people (and this time I am talking about agency owners) actually abuse the people who make them the money. 

What do I mean by abuse?  I have documentated this via my blogs over many years now and my heart is still as sore as ever.  My only message today is to those people who are thinking of setting up escort agencies.  Are they really prepared to know how this industry truly works or is it simply only £ signs that they think.  Ringing a girl late in an evening and telling her to see a man at short notice for half an hour in a hotel is dangerous – could you send someone to do that?  It does happen and if £s are all you are bothered about you will do it. 

The one thing I know for certain is that anyone in the Angels team is safe in every way me and Marie can make it.  The people in our team may not get the volume of work that other agencies give them but at least I can sleep at night knowing that I am not exploiting anyone …. escort or client.  I only wish clients were just a bit more thoughtful at times!  There is still so often the attitude so prevalent in the conversations about “I want, you provide”. 

Coming to the eternal question then … Why do I still have Angels4You escorts if I am so concerned about all this? 

Because   …………………………. I …………………………………… Care

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