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Marie: The World Of Internet Marketing

June 28th, 2011 admin No comments

The world of Internet marketing      …….      and recognising c**p when it’s staring back at you!

These past few weeks have definitely been a learning curve regarding internet marketing.

To start off I would like to share a small achievement I am quite proud of – Angels4You have laboriously climbed up the Google pages so that we are now found on page 3 as opposed to page 4… Now, this may seem like not that much to you but believe me when I say that it is no mean feat to market a website in an adult industry since Google tries to make it a as difficult as possible! Sue is an excellent teacher though and, as you have probably picked up by now, I am a highly motivated individual.

So enough boring stuff, let’s get to what I’ve learnt.

Firstly that DO NOT let any escort agency article marketing on their site.


Can you please give me some idea of what is wrong with my article?


Hi Marie,
Thank you for your email.�
Your article has been placed in problem status because it contains content on escort services.�
I’m sorry, but we are not able to accept content on escort services.�
Please let me know if I can be of further assistance at this time.
Thank you,

Ezine Articles

‘Problem status?!’ I was actually surprised at how much this response annoyed me. It comes back to the narrow minded attitude that society has about escorting. Please try and get your head round the fact that escorting does go on, will always go on and that it can in fact be a highly rewarding and a fun past time! Not letting me write about it on their website is certainly not going to make it go away, but hey! People like burying their heads in the sand don’t they?

Anyway my response:

Dear Ezine Articles,

Thank you for enlightening me as to why my article had been refused – it did confuse me!

I am sorry that you see the article as ‘problem status’ what I see as a ‘problem status’ is society’s judgemental view of escorting. The industry can be dangerous in that it may take advantage of a girl who is needy and naive. However it is up to professionally run agencies like Angels4You to educate by taking a stand against the seedier agencies. I have escorted for 3 years and still thoroughly enjoy it. Obviously you feel that the public don’t need to hear articles written by a happy escort and escort agency manager.

You could be of ‘further assistance’ by being more open minded.

Thank you

 Maybe I was a touch too harsh?

Onto the next lesson: I received a random call from an American lady from She asked me if I wanted to link free of charge to her company’s website which is a worldwide adult industry directory. I took all the details and said I would think about it. However it didn’t take long before the Angels4You inbox started receiving some really basic emails from a really basic individual. This gets quite funny.

Person:                hunny what s ur donation for 1 hr

Me:                       Eh?

Person:                how u do in baby want to see u.

Me:                       Sod Off!

Anyway it persisted to the point where Sue got involved:


Hi it’s Sue from Angels4You.

Had noted your emails earlier this evening but it appears that the direct approach did not work.

I will point out to you please.

1. We need you to communicate clearly and not in odd words and disjointed sentences

2. Short notice bookings and short duration (i.e. less than 2 hrs duration) are not accepted

3. We expect you to communicate professionally with us – we don’t ever call clients back on demand

4. It is clear from your communication that you do not meet the quality and professionalism we expect our clients to have.

Marie was trying to tell you you were not right for this agency.

May I please suggest you do now look elsewhere. Further attempts to demand a call and information about donations will simply give you prime position – your phone number and email address) on under the heading of “yet another idiot”.

Thank you for finding us. Our details on the site you found Angels on had been put there by that directory. We did not request or desire promotion by that site as the wrong level of client is attracted.

Good luck with your search.


I told you it got funny! I’m sure you agree that this was a brilliant response. This is WHY it’s so much fun to learn from Sue.

Anyway I dealt with

Dear Backpage

I do hope you are well.

I do not remember confirming that you could use Angels4You for your I am aware that the sorts of emails that we have been receiving because of your link are not the sort of emails I would wish to be receiving. Angels4you is a very niche agency in that we are very professional. We do protect that professionalism and unfortunately your company falls short of our expectations.

Please could you remove us from your website?



Backpage got back to me with an email which was slightly apologetic. What really cracked me up was the quote at the end of their email – American through and through.

“Instead of complaining that rose bushes have thorns, rejoice that thorn bushes bloom.”

Ha! It did make me laugh. Do you think they were trying to get at something?

And lastly I had some issues with This is a directory for escorts and escort agencies.  I went on to add Angels4You and put my own profile up. At this stage I want to say that sites like this one are directly responsible for dragging the industry down and jading the public’s opinion. How can you remain professional and NOT be selling sex when my profile options are ‘Naughty, Very Naughty or Extremely Naughty?!’

Anyway the whole website is completely pointless to be registered to due to not showing an agency’s number unless you pay through your ear.

So what lessons have I relearnt? That people are always and will always be discriminating of this industry. Also that unfortunately money is the power behind it all – there are many ruthless companies out there wanting to take your money and don’t care how they do it.

And finally, some news: My day job situation has changed slightly as I have received a promotion of sorts. Basically I am on the road now which means more flexibility to answer calls during the day and chat to all of you lovely clients and girls wanting advice. It also means I have ANOTHER diary to lug about and ANOTHER phone too! Methinks it’s time to go shopping for a bigger bag… any excuse!


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