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I had an email come into Sue’s Diary last Monday (12 September).  Having already spoken to the person involved to chat to her about her queries, I also obtained her permission for her email to be used within my diary, the contents of this (names have been removed however these are Leeds agencies we are talking about here) are here, together with my thoughts, below. 

Can you believe that this really happens? Absolutely yes.  Can you stop this happening though?  Not unless the person themselves is prepared to not earn themselves the money that they start to need.  It is a vicious circle as a younger naive person comes into this industry and the agency owners who exploit that need should, quite frankly, be thoroughly ashamed of their outright explotation.  It is, to me at at least, useless to turn round and say that a young person knows what they are getting in to – they don’t and too few people in this industry are prepared to be honest and open and advise what it is they are coming into to enable that young person to make a truly informed step forward.

My diary has become a beacon to many and I had an email come in earlier this week, asking for agency advice about limited companies and the parting comment was …”I would like to take a moment just to tell you that from reading the article (Note from Sue : EN For Business) and your diary, you really are an inspiration to us working girls and I wish more agencies were like yours!  I feel l may have have found my role model!”.  Role model I do not need to be but all I do wish for, from the very bottom of my heart, is more openess, honesty and definitely, professionalism towards their girls and their clients. 

Will that happen?  Not where money is involved in the amounts it is in this industry it won’t.  Am I being too hard on other agencies – am I heck.  They really should be ashamed at how much they abuse the girls who work with them, whether or not the agency owner has a girl who lies or cheats, they still should have a professional duty of care.

Ok – sorry – rant over …. the email I initially started out on the subject of is here for you.  Anywhere you note a * – this is where names and/or identification has been changed.

Hi :)

My name is Alison* and I’m 18* years old living and working in the Leeds area. I have been working as a full time escort for the last year.

I was wondering if you could give me a little bit of advice or some kind of reassurance as I’m at my wits end!!!

When I first decided I wanted to go into escorting in *2010 I found an advertisement on gumtree which sparked my interest. It was very brief and basically said ‘to earn up to 200 pound an hour call this number….’ I called the number and within two days had been asked by a creepy man to meet him in a desolate park for an ‘Interview’ in his car. I’d also been told I must sleep with him to secure a job. I knew this wasn’t right so I cut all further contact.

Then I went to an agency called Monkey Tree*. I called them and within 24 hours ended up at an interview at their city centre office. The woman seemed very nice, kind and professional. She employed me and invited me back for a photoshoot the next morning.  All of my jobs for the next 7 days took place in their incall apartment. My first client was Asian and attempted to rape me. When I informed the owner she booked him with me a second time!!! I then had to call a male friend to remove him from the apartment as he would not leave. On the eighth day I received a call from one of the drivers informing me that the apartment had been raided by the police and the agency had shut down. They since re opened but I never went back.

Next I tried an agency called Vector City*. The owner interviewed me over the phone and employed me judging by my photographs. I worked for her for over a month but she never once arranged to meet me. Whenever I called she made an excuse as to why she was happy for me working for her without meeting and that was it… I decided I couldn’t work so unprofessionally and I left.

The final agency I tried was High Monument*. I am still working for them now as I need a way to pay my rent and make a living and the agencies in Leeds are quickly running out. It is owned by a foreign*couple and I just don’t think I can put up with it anymore. They are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week and expect me on call at all times. Sleep is an issue and I barely get any rest. They will send any girl to any job… I have been expected to wear wigs of every colour hair, go under different names, pretend I am French/Indian/Hispanic* and even put on different accents to sway the client. They run incalls in an illegal apartment and outcalls. If a client cancels at our arrival on an outcall my boss will scream shout and swear in the middle of the street until the client pays up the full amount of cash. She will call me at all hours of the day and night and tell me I am being picked up in ten minutes or sometimes less… If i say it isn’t possible she threatens to sack me. She will also book me a Bradford or sometimes Sheffield outcall for in twenty minutes even though the drive is 30 mins – 1 hour long and if I am a minute late she goes insane.

These are just some of the things I am slowly becoming tiresome of. I am exhausted, barely sleep, have lost any aspect of a social life with my friends or family and feel under a constant pressure and work load.

Is this how the escorting world is or am I just experiencing the bad? Should I just say this isn’t for me or are other agencies better? Can you recommend which ones to go to and which ones to avoid? I’m running out of options :(

What have I said to Alison?

  1. Yes you can expect this to be the way so many agencies treat you
  2. Yes, there are “better agencies” but most of them operate on the same principle – ie – phone call from client to agency, client wants girl, agency rings girls, girl goes out – girl gets paid, agency gets paid
  3. Yes you should avoid agencies – full stop

Whilst I wish I did not sound so negative, if this girl needs money then every agency I know of out there will use that need an an excuse to abuse her inability to know how to handle clients and how to handle agency owners who threaten no work if they do not do what they are told.

It is an industry I don’t recommend, as I keep on and on saying, to anyone unless that person really does understand what it is she is doing.

Good luck to Alison and I wish her well.  I have suggested that she think carefully about being an independent and have offered her mentoring and support  if this is a pathway that she wishes to go on, however, I will only be prepared to help if she is prepared to help herself.

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