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Marie. Angels4YouHi there, I’m Marie. I manage Angels4You for Sue.

My apologies as my tab isn’t going to be nearly as revealing as the ‘about Sue’ tab, I’m going to have to be slightly more secretive. I am not ashamed of managing Angel4You for Sue; also equally I am not ashamed of my escort past however I do have my reasons for remaining anonymous. If you’ve read any of my diary entries then you will know that one of these reasons is that my friends’ attitudes have changed towards me in the past when they know I am escorting – I dread to think how they would react if they knew I managed a highly professional escort agency! Let’s not find out hey?

I came across Sue’s site Angels4You early in 2011 when I was researching different Manchester escort agencies. I had a mind of starting an agency up myself and lucky for me, rung Sue at the right time. The rest, as they say, is history. But before that, what has my life been like? I will tell you as much as I can.

My life has been one of extremes; I do not have any regrets and have always tried to live fully and fearlessly. I had an eccentric upbringing with religion playing a major role (which is why I shy away from anything religious now) I was quite a tom-boy when I was young and used to go off into the countryside with my siblings for the whole day. We would make dens and tree houses and pretend we were wild children. I look back on these years very fondly and wouldn’t change a thing. However in retrospect I realise that amongst this strict and slightly sheltered childhood strange things were allowed to me. Films with sexually explicit scenes were watched by me and my siblings – something that I thought nothing of at the time, but in hindsight may have contributed to my current circumstances in life…

I was an ugly duckling as a teen, with severe acne that caused depression and a lack of confidence in myself. I tried to hide away by wearing awful clothes and was a bit of a loner at school. Family life drastically changed at home and suddenly I had more freedom. I can see now that the unexpected lack of boundaries also knocked my self assurance as I floundered around trying to ‘find myself’. But this all changed when I went to college, my skin got better and a new found faith in me brought about many changes. I suddenly was the life and soul of any party with a massive group of friends. I learnt that I had the valuable ability to get on with most people and put them at ease. A skill that again, can be related to my current situation.

I pursued a creative degree in university. I don’t really do anything with it now. Why didn’t anyone take me to one side and explain that there is little money in the creative industry? However I don’t regret my degree as it was a very happy and carefree time… but then I suppose that’s what student life is about isn’t it?

One thing that has remained a constant in my life is my motivation to work. I have always, since the age of 15, had a job, sometimes two. Be it bar work, office administration or telesales I have always wanted to earn money to support myself. When I left university I realised that I was actually quite good in sales, what with being such a people person and being able to talk the hind leg off a donkey! So I landed a job in sales which is what I currently do now. I feel very passionately about my ‘day job’ – so to speak – it has taught me how to be professional which is a valuable skill.

So how did I get to escorting? Well, there was a few contributing factors. A few years ago I had just come out of an abusive relationship. I was lonely but extremely wary of men. The recession was another contribution and yes, the prospect of not having to worry so much about money spurred me on. I do need to point out at this stage that had escorting not been to my liking, then I could have easily left it and carried on fine living off my sales pay cheque. Money is no reason to get into this industry. Anyway, I decided I would like to give escorting a go. As some of you may know, I’m a try everything once kind of person, so went for it. If you want to know more details please read one of my past diary entries about my ‘first experience’ as an escort. I escorted for a few years from a more traditional Manchester escort agency and while I am writing this now, I am wondering how it could have differed had I found Angels4You that first time round? Hmm… Everything happens for a reason I suppose. I found escorting to my liking, better than that in fact; it felt like a job made for me! I drew upon my personal traits to fulfil my part as an escort, from sales training to creativity, from professionalism to having confidence with people.

A word of warning now to those girls thinking about entering this industry; as time went on at this more traditional escort agency I started to feel unhinged. I was over worked, stressed, started having panic attacks and suffering from insomnia. Being an escort started to effect my day job as all the late nights caught up. I felt that everyone knew about my ‘night job’ and imagined what would happen if my guilty secret came out. In short it stopped being fun… so I stopped.

I needed time to reflect upon my life and decide a new direction. I took time out from both jobs and went on an extended holiday – I definitely felt like I needed it! While I was away I certainly had time to think about things. I had thought I was done with escorting but surprised myself by finding that I actually missed it. Surely there was another way to go about this industry though? I wanted to explore a fresh way of being involved. I came back fully energized with a firm set of goals. The aim was to look into running an escort agency myself, to concentrate more on my day job and to stop being a commitment phobe and get myself on the dating scene! I feel very lucky to say that all of my plans are on track.

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  1. miss no-nonsense
    October 20th, 2011 at 15:01 | #1

    Loved your review Marie im looking to go into the escort industry as a mature escort ,your post helped me make the right decision and now ive just got to get the ball rolling, thankyou

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