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Sue: Clients, Escorts And Professionalism

October 8th, 2011 admin No comments

I had a message from Marie on Friday morning. A booking had had some (shall we say) challenges the previous evening and errors on getting things sorted happened on both sides causing a problem for us being the manager in the middle.  It brings to mind the core values we uphold dearly in this team – professionalism …. from both our clients and our team. 

The scenario …. a professional wheelchair athlete contacted Angels4You a week or so ago.  He had come across our site and was interested to see if the values we hold dear were really put into practice.  I had answered the first phone call as the phone had diverted through to me.  Having spoken briefly to the client, I texted Marie to let him know that a chat to the client was needed as soon as she could do so.

Marie had her chat, the client seemed genuine and really pleased with how we were and he chose who to see and we then introduced the client to his date.  The date was scheduled for Thursday evening.  It is always a challenge to ensure that the chosen date arrives on time and whilst some people seem able to achieve deadlines, others unfortunately don’t and this time, the person involved was around 10 minutes late and she forgot to confirm her proper arrival and payment which usually does not cause any problems but this time it did.

When our escort left the booking, it was also slightly early but was without our knowledge – hiccups already apparent but then what transpired was that she had not checked her fee, neither had she checked in properly with us and what do you know, the client had underpaid by £125!

The mistakes from our side :

  • Escort did not arrive on time
  • Escort did not check in properly with agency
  • Escort did not check accurate payment on time
  • Escort did not liaise with agency about incorrect payment

The client error :

  • He did not pay the escort correctly
  • He treated Angels as if we were a traditional agency and thought he could not pay properly and that we would not take the action we did

What did we do as an agency?  We got it sorted but, to be frank, it should not have happened.  The client was contacted and reminded that his professionalism was not apparent and to not pay the agreed fee was totally unacceptable.  He promised to remit the further balance and, to our surprise, he did do and he kept his word – definitely a plus in our books and helped very much redeem his actions in payment being short initially.  The escort now knows more keenly than ever, check in on time, everytime and check your money because, unfortunately, not every client is honest and has done what this client did do - he kept his word.  It should not have needed to happen if the escort had done her job properly and checked in with us properly.

As an agency Angels4You try so hard to maintain professionalism.  This time, however, a client did not pay properly, and a member of our team did not follow the correct procedure leading to a hiccup Marie had to get sorted.

We can only be as good as our clients and our team ….. this time, client and escort left Angels4You in a comprising situation and definitely NOT one to be repeated.  Lessons to be learnt on all sides and Marie has her own thoughts on this side of our work as do I so expect Marie’s comments to appear here too.

As an escort agency we are used to (lets call them nicely) “idiots” ringing up and treating us unprofessionally, this client though seemed really genuine.  His actions were wrong in non-payment of the full fee but he kept to his word about remitting the balance to us promptly and hats off to him for doing so.  In our eyes it should not have happened but we always give a chance and he certainly kept his word the second time.  What an uncomfortable scenario this has been and it goes to show …. even when you think people are going to be professional, so many fall way short of the mark.


What can I add? I suppose the positive way of looking at this scenario is to say that it’s all a learning curve for me. .

My heart sank when I received the text from the girl after the booking. She said that she had been paid a lot less than originally agreed. I dealt with it as best I could, having conversations with both parties. You have to remain calm and cool in these situations. Learning to be a manger has definitely taught me to think and grow in certain ways so that is the positive learning curve I’m referring to…

With some of our team members I unfortunately get used to a small lack of punctuality and of correct updates from time to time. Generally it’s no problem, in this situation it was. At the beginning of me coming into Angels4You as manager, Sue did pre-warn me of the awful feeling of being ’blind’ when an Angel is out on a booking. I didn’t fully understand then but I certainly do now! This is why it’s so important to keep me updated – I do worry until I get that final text from the Girl telling me she is back home safely. ONLY then do I relax.

I am extremely heartened that the client did eventually pay us the full agreed price. I am obviously happy from an Angels4You point of view for getting paid the correct fee. However I am also reassured from a personal point of view simply because my own judgement of character has not been disturbed. I did have a few enjoyable long conversations with the client prior to the booking and we got on well, and now hopefully we can carry on getting on well!.

I know Sue and I are always banging on about it but it really does highlight professionalism in this industry – or lack of. I don’t what happens when someone deals with an agency, it’s like their professionalism jumps out the window, do all businesses have this sort of problem?< ?p>

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