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Marie: Existing Escorts and Angels4You Part 2

November 7th, 2011 admin No comments

Something happened a good few weeks ago – or should I say – didn’t happen. And it’s been nagging away at the back of my head. So I’m going to do what Sue does and get it off my chest.

Angels4You was approached by a girl who wanted to be part of the team. Now this is a fairly common occurrence and I am used to having long chats with many different types of girls and women. It is fairly rare that we find anyone who would be right for the team – as you know we have high standards and strict Join Us Criteria. However I am always willing to chat to someone and share some of my knowledge about this industry, I feel it is my duty as it can be very dangerous and there are alot of naive girls out there!

Anyway, we were approached by a girl – I will call her Vicky – back in August. I had a really good initial chat on the phone with Vicky; she was bubbly and very easy to get on with. Coincidentally she had also worked as an escort from the same Leeds escort agency I had worked at previously. This opened up another door of conversation and it was a laugh to exchange stories of certain encounters. I left the conversation on a high – surely we had a found a potential Leeds escort that we could do with?

I spoke to Sue about it – some of you may recall her diary entry Existing Escorts and Angels4You’ on the subject. She was not at ease with the situation at all and felt very ruffled.  At the time I wanted to believe the best and couldn’t 100% see why Sue was having issues with Vicky being an ‘existing escort’ now I’m beginning to understand. Sue is a good mentor as she guides me but also lets me learn from my own mistakes.

I don’t mean to sound harsh here but Vicky was not what you would call a career woman. She mostly modelled and also did a few other jobs, (escorting included) however the work she was involved in mostly made money from her looks. And what can I say? When I met Vicky, she was absolutely stunning. I was worried about how we would ‘market’ Vicky though. Angels4You team-members are usually business women, they get on with the business men they meet as they are on equal footing – would this be possible with Vicky? Would our Angels clients be happy? When I met Vicky she explained that she had various alter egos. And she reeled off 3 different names! Wow I thought! Little did I know that the names would be the sticking point later on.

Sue arranged to meet Vicky too and gave her abit of a grilling. We decided to give her a chance and to become an Angel, so long as she didn’t mention her escort past. Another proviso was that she would be re-named for our website. We didn’t want an escort who was traceable from another agency. Have you noticed that all the girls on Angels4You have classical names? No ‘Scarlett’s’ or ‘Lexie’s’ on our site!

To be fair Vicky was patient with the Join Us forms being sent out to her. Due to Sue’s health issues the forms weren’t as speedily posted as normal. However we had to have a fair amount of patience too. The first problem I experienced was a severe lack of urgency when getting back to me via text. Days would pass before I would get a reply for a question asked. In fact I am still waiting for one! Secondly it was very difficult to find a name that Vicky was happy with as an Angels4You escort. Nothing seemed to do. She did not want to leave her old escort name at all.  Anyway we never received her forms back. Sue’s guess was that she never gave her real identity and didn’t want to.  We require photo ID from all our team members. I asked if there was any problem at all? And that is the response I am waiting for! I guess there was.

I suppose the lesson here is that an existing escort can be a pain in the a***! Sue and I took time out of our busy lives for this girl and she couldn’t even disclose her real name. Existing escorts have a preconceived idea of this industry and tend to let their past tarnish their actions. Professionalism is key to Angels4You and this can be a problem to some people. I suppose at this stage I’ll point out that I am the anomaly. I was an existing escort and I have whole heartedly welcomed Angels4You’s approach.

I’ve said it before but it is all a learning curve for me and I will view this scenario as such and not a complete waste of time!

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