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Marie: Strange Stories – Part 1

January 3rd, 2012 admin No comments

I really felt the need to write this diary entry. What has spurred me on is that I have had a quite few inquiries recently which have quite frankly scared me. Girls are looking at this industry with rose tinted glasses and need educating. I actually received a text this morning from a girl who was looking into escorting ‘and was just wondering what age you have to be? – I’m 16 years old’. I was Shocked. I need to high-light the fact escorting is no walk in the park.

These are some stories from my past from when I escorted for a couple of years at a traditional Leeds escort agency. I need to point out that at this traditional escort agency I was seeing a higher quantity of clients of a lower quality calibre!!! – Which of course, is the exact opposite of Angels4You. If you want to get into escorting then you need to be aware that these are the sort of sticky situations you will be exposed too.

The first story that springs to my mind is my most scary experience. I had just seen a client on a Sunday night at a service station hotel. It was after midnight when I was walking back to my car in the deserted car park. Suddenly I noticed a strange man making a beeline for me. I loitered so that he could go past me but he changed direction as if to intersect me, there was no mistaking the fact that I was the object of his purposeful stride. I was so scared I nearly ran to my car, yanked my door open and quickly got inside. At this point the stranger was at my passenger door and tried to get in too! Luckily my car only unlocks the driver’s side otherwise I don’t know what may have happened. Car-jack and rape I would imagine was the agenda. He tried to talk through the glass to me I nearly ran him over in my rush to get away. Shame I didn’t. After this episode I gave the client no option but to walk me to my car after a booking.

Next up is an almost equally scary situation. I had accepted a last minute booking in Bradford. I remember driving up to the house in question and feeling on edge – it wasn’t a very nice neighbourhood. When I knocked on the door it became apparent that my client was a student and the house a student house. I was treated like an object as soon as I was in the house and ushered upstairs. He didn’t want to give me the fee upfront even though I stressed that it was the way things are done. Suddenly in the room there appeared a flatmate. The agency was not aware that there was someone else in the house and this sudden new person made me aware that the situation was slipping away from my control fast. I rang the agency and made them aware of the situation – The flatmate thought that he could see me as well! At this stage I remember being aware of the smell of drugs – these people were obviously stoned and out of touch with reality. I made the decision to get out and collected my things and hurried downstairs. When I got to the front door I found it locked!!! That really shook me up. I remember being on the phone to Laura (the escort agency owner) and really panicking, she was going to call the police. The two students said that they couldn’t find the key and it all got fairly heated with Laura shouting down the phone at me to get out! Eventually they ‘found’ the key and I ran out – their parting comments that they were ‘very disappointed in me’!!! Idiots. After that episode I refused any Bradford bookings.

Drug use and excessive alcohol use is something that I did not tolerate in all of my time as an escort and now, as an escort agency manager. It puts you, the escort in an extremely vulnerable position. You are in close proximity to a stranger who is out of touch with reality – who knows what they are capable of? I remember another time when I was exposed to a seriously drunk client – he almost didn’t open the door! I was knocking for ages and when he did eventually come downstairs he only had his underwear on, could barely stand and couldn’t string a sentence together! Needless to say I walked away from that one sharpish. I felt that the agency owner thought I was making a fuss. Again that is something you will be exposed to at a traditional agency – being made to feel bad if you say ‘no’.

Being out and about late at night definitely exposes you to a lot of wierdos and the next story again highlights this. It was after another booking, this time in York. I was getting into my car when a man stopped me by knocking on my window. Initially I wouldn’t open the window but did after he told me that he was the police! He asked me if I was drunk as I was ‘staggering’ down the street. Now I honestly thought he was a policeman so (stupidly) opened the door to show him my sky-high stilettos; ‘Honey – I would like to see YOU walk down a cobble street in these bad boys and NOT to stagger’ was my answer to him (respect for authority is not a strong point). He got out his phone and told me he was going to radio for back up and take my registration number. He then took a photo of my high heeled foot for ‘evidence’. At this stage I was asking for a police badge and some ID as I smelt a rat. He told me to wait and pointed at a car driving past – telling me that the people inside were plain clothed officers and that they were his back up. To cut a long story short I eventually shut the door and drove home. On the drive home the whole situation played on my mind – was he for real? What exactly had happened here? I got home and rung the REAL police, I asked them if one of their officers had just done a registration check on my car and sure enough, no-one had. I gave the details of the man for their reference. They were quite baffled and we both put it down to a guy with a foot fetish? I felt very stupid for being so trusting in that situation – just because someone says that they are the police doesn’t mean you should be at ease. ALWAYS ask for ID.

On the subject of police badges I will go onto my last story. I had just seen an easy going client at a hotel. When the time was up he only pulled a blinking police badge on me didn’t he??? Well needless to say I went into shock and couldn’t stop shaking. ‘I thought this is it! I’m going to be arrested!’ (NOTE: escorting is not illegal) In actuality he was only showing off his new badge with his new role as a community police officer. Good god it shook me up though! I think I hit him.

Writing about and then re-reading all of the above has made me realise how lucky I have been. These situations could have been a lot worse. I can’t really talk to many people about it and writing it down has been quite therapeutic for me. (So thanks for listening!)

It’s needless to say that none of the above stories would have happened to me as an Angels4You escort. This is due to lots of reasons which I am sure you must know by now; that our safety checks are done, that Sue or I really make sure that a client is up to the Angels4You standard, that we don’t accept short notice bookings or late night bookings. Now you know why hey?

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