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November 13th, 2011

Sue’s Diary get a LOT of enquiries about escorting and we get asked the same question so often.  It is not that Marie or Sue wish to fob you off with returning you to Sue’s Diary, however most of the answers you require are already here so what we have done is provide you with the links on relevant diary entries that will help you.

Remember, neither Marie or Sue recommend you enter escorting.  This is not an industry you should be thinking about if all you really need to do is earn some extra cash (for whatever reason).  Escorting is a serious profession for those who care about people not about money and if all you want is the money, then you really do need to be careful.  The industry is rarely professionally run and you will all too often find that your monetary need is used as a bargaining tool.  If that is what you want, then please direct your energies to the agency that will use your need and get you your money, however, if you even have the slightest hesitation about entering this industry then don’t come into it but if you feel you absolutely must do then all we can say to you is – trust your gut instincts always, remember you have the final say and that NO is a word you can and should be prepared to use and mean.

Marie and Sue hope our comments on the diary entries below help you make up your mind.

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Scam Escort Agencies : /index.php/2011/05/

Do You Really Know What Being An Escort Involves ?  Read ….

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Fancy Being an Escort Part 2 : /index.php/2010/05/page/3/

Don’t just believe me : /index.php/2011/09/page/2/

Do make sure you know your rights :

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