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May 13th, 2008 admin No comments

They are really lethal we all know that and anyone who does not treat these machines with respect will no doubt one day find that they live up to their lethal reputation. My son found this out last night and I was at the hospital until 1.30am this morning.

It was bad enough that I had had to do an emergency trip to the vets with a cut pad on her right foot of my border collie earlier that evening but then to get a call from friends to say those horrible words “don’t panic Sue but your son has been in an accident”. What an evening.

He is sore, cut and his wounds are still leaking blood and I have to take him back to the hospital in the morning but oh my god he is lucky not to have come off a lot worse than he is. His friend whose bike it was, was in leathers, my son wasn’t and as the police ever so nicely pointed out to him … leathers had saved his friend from the injuries my son is now experiencing.

Its no point saying I told you so and I know full well that if I had said to him in the past “don’t go on a motorbike” that I would have been listened to or understood but this ritual of being a young person and thinking that motorbikes are cool …. I am simply ever so grateful that his injuries are not any worse than they are. He will be sore for some weeks to come as his injuries heal but at least he is alive and that I have to be thankful for.

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